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Why do companies invest in outsourcing?

Outsourcing truly is the future. Why? It helps companies to reach for more in a more effective way but also in a shorter time.

Przemysław Pala

Sales specialist
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Check how IT outsourcing can change the game if you want to read what it is.

Answering the title question can have at least two results. First – after reading this article you may understand why outsourcing is a viable and helpful option for many companies around the world, but also how it works and what benefits it brings to the ones who need it. Second – You may ask yourself a question after finishing this article: “Why haven’t I used such services sooner?!” If you already know how it works, you may want to check out our case study showing how efficient such a process can be.

Here at Neontri we’ve conducted a close inspection of outsourcing motives, and have identified several main ones which are listed below. Some of them complement each other, because just like inside any company, everything is interconnected. Let’s take a closer look at why our customers decide to heal, help or improve their businesses with outsourcing.



Key motives for outsourcing

Outsourcing some tasks to drive team efficiency
Sometimes your team may already be proficient in some tasks that you decide to outsource anyway. Why? Simply to give your team members time and space to become more efficient in other fields. This may help you to reorganize different processes within the team and enable them to finish their tasks faster and more effectively.


Improving customer services
The team or the whole company may be so busy that it’s unable to deliver the desired level of customer service. Undoubtedly, the customer experience is one of the main concerns for any business. Thus, it’s crucial to remember that there is always a way to outsource some of your business services and loosen up unwanted tension.

Avoiding stagnation and pushing forward objectives
Unfortunately for any business, stagnation can occur whether or not things are being handled according to plan. It can occur just as easily even when you are properly servicing your customers and everything seems to be operating just fine. Keeping your teams strictly focused on their everyday tasks can overwhelm their schedules and prevent them from seeing the bigger picture. In these situations, outsourcing routine work requirements can free up both your team’s schedule and their ability to contribute to broader and more complex company goals.


Addressing difficulties and healing company burnout
Expecting your employees to fulfill too many different roles can sometimes lead to burnout or even them deciding to leave your company. That’s why it can be a better option (if you can afford it) to outsource some tasks. To do it right, you have to find the weak areas where outsourcing such tasks makes the most sense. Hiring some freelancers can enable your current members to prioritize their scope of work and become more efficient, thanks to which you can make a significant shift in your business and strengthen the broader company structure.


Being unable to handle some tasks in-house
It’s a no-brainer that outsourcing can deliver technical expertise in a very short amount of time. You don’t necessarily have to hire someone to be trained from scratch even if you actually can afford it. There’s a better way to grow quickly and efficiently – outsourcing professional/s with the needed experience. Such people can be much more efficient and timely when delivering desired tasks. What’s the effect? You avoid the risk of spending valuable time and money on hiring and training someone from the ground up who ends up simply being the wrong fit. It’s simply better in this case to lean on outsourcing some proven experts. You can learn more by reading our article on body leasing as the wave of change.


Reducing stress and workload on oneself/team/company as a whole
Who doesn’t feel overworked sometimes? The problem becomes more serious if it becomes part of your daily routine. You should search for solutions that would give you some space to breathe. This is where outsourcing really comes in handy. Handing some of the most stressful and draining tasks over to freelancers or specialists in the field you operate in may be the perfect solution to getting rid of chronic stress and work fatigue in your organization.

Increasing your team’s capabilities
As mentioned above, outsourcing can be a great way to open some new doors for your team.. Having a good team in-house does not always have to mean that they need to be self-sufficient. It’s often a good idea to outsource some complex and time-consuming parts of their job to a specialist who will handle it. For instance, hiring temporary IT developers to create some technicalities is often a good path to solving issues and moving your projects further.


Seeking viable ways forward while on a tight budget
Many research studies have shown that it’s always more expensive to have full-time employees rather than contingent workers. Outsourcing,  on the other hand, can bring some substantial profits to the company: lower expenses for recruitment and salaries, time saved on unneeded hiring of full-time employees, concrete results obtained. You simply benefit from options that are on your doorstep.



Outsourcing – Help your business and help it without much effort

As you can see, outsourcing for just one of the above-mentioned reasons is already a smart idea. It can be a solution to pressing issues whether your company is small, medium-sized or a large organization. If you’ve gotten this far in our article, there’s something that we would like to present to you. It’s our service called NOS – Outsourcing Services that we provide for many fields of business. Citing our CEO:


“I keep being asked the question – Why do companies outsource? Like our NOS, it’s a viable solution for bypassing many troubles in your business. It’s like asking your big brother to help you with something you didn’t figure out by yourself or asking simply because you are overworked and need some collateral help. In any case, you achieve more in less time.”

Maciej Stępień, CEO of Neontri


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