Mastering GenAI: On-Prem Solutions for Enhanced Security and Control

Unlock the potential of on-premise GenAI for your enterprise.

7.03.2024, 4 PM (CET) hosted by Marcin Dobosz; Director of Technology at Neontri.


  • Transitioning to On-Site GenAI 
      • How does it fit in your infrastructure?
      • Reasons behind enterprises adopting on-site AI technologies.
      • Striking a balance between innovation, data security, and privacy.
  • In-depth Analysis of AI Model Quantization

      • Exploring the technical aspects of quantizing machine learning data.
      • Comparing various techniques of AI model quantization.
  • Demo: Running a Quantization Model Locally 

      • Live demonstration of implementing and running a quantization model on local infrastructure.
  • Economic Aspects of On-Prem vs. Cloud AI 

      • Comprehensive cost comparison between on-premise and cloud AI.
      • Examining return on investment and potential long-term financial benefits.
  • Interactive Q&A Session 

    • Open forum for audience participation, questions, and feedback.

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    Marcin Dobosz, Director of Technology

    Connected to the enterprise-sized projects for 10+ years now – as a developer, head of data science, head of cloud, and finally, the director of technology at Neontri.  His expertise is invaluable when assessing technology needs for ongoing and future projects. He loves to take advantage of new technologies, that’s also why he became a leader of AI department in the company.

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