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Case study | 18 Dec 2021
Two-stage identity verification with Jiffee

What is a Jiffee two-stage identity verification


Our flagship product, Jiffee, is not only a mobile payments platform. It's also a strong mobile authentication system (two-stage identity verification). A new Neontri-designed product for KIR lets you use a digital signature on your smartphone, and it’s all based on the components of the Jiffee platform in the mSzafir mobile app.


No more smartcards or additional devices. If you’ve got a smartphone integrated with the Jiffee engine, you can authorize your signature on any document - securely and digitally. The authorization mechanisms are based on one-time codes. mSzafir is the first commercially available digital signature mobile application using the Jiffee engine. This is the story of its development.



Why do I need to carry this smart card with me for two-stage identity verification? And how can I sign documents on a mobile device?


More and more Polish mobile users – almost 14% of them – now use their smartphones to handle administrative matters. It’s the latest step in the development of mobile services, and not just banking services (already used by every second adult in Poland). The new Polish e-ID has already been released. It works in mobile devices, so you no longer need to carry a plastic ID card around with you. But there’s a need to take things one step further. If you can use a smartphone to identify yourself, why not use it to authenticate transactions and sign documents electronically?

KIR, the Polish National Clearing House, is a key entity in the Polish payment system infrastructure and a qualified trust service provider. They provide Szafir - a standard qualified signature solution and were looking to adapt it to meet the challenges of today’s mobile society. That’s where Neontri and Jiffee came in.



A mobile application and comprehensive authorization system based on Jiffee.

mSzafir is a fully remote version of the Szafir qualified electronic signature KIR was already offering, which involved affixing an e-signature using a cryptographic card and a reader. Thanks to mSzafir, you can authorize signatures using any iOS or Android device. All you need is the mobile application for two-stage identity verification prepared by Neontri to authorize access to your user’s key pair.

Neontri was responsible for creating both the mobile app and the authorization system, with all operations based on one-time codes that give two-stage identity verification.
Two-stage identity verification

The solution has been integrated with the existing process and offers customers a new, simplified process of signing documents digitally.

Two Neontri products were used in the mSzafir project: Mobile Banking Framework and Jiffee. MBF is a programming platform that allows secure mobile applications to be built quickly. Jiffee is well-known as a Bluetooth-based payment solution, but it’s also a technological platform for the strong authentication (SCA) and authorization of operations, based on one-time codes.



No more dedicated readers. Just your phone and two-stage identity verification.

With mSzafir, you can sign the most important official documents without using a reader and cryptographic card, and it works on any device: smartphone, tablet or computer. After you have generated the certificates and key pairs, all you have to do is rewrite the one-time code from your mobile device to confirm your identity. Simple? Quick? Exactly!


After you have generated the certificates and key pairs, all you have to do is rewrite the one-time code from your mobile device to confirm your identity. Simple? Quick? Exactly!

Two-stage identity verification

The mSzafir mobile app had its official launch at the end of March 2020, and was enthusiastically received from the word go, with a rating of more than 4 out of 5 points in the App Store and Google Play.


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