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Two-stage identity verification with Jiffee

Sara Kurczyńska

Content Specialist
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One of our flagship products, Jiffee, is a Bluetooth-based mobile payments platform and a technological platform for the strong authentication (SCA) and authorization of operations based on one-time codes. Designed for KIR, one of the key financial institutions in Poland, it aided us in the creation of the mSzafir application. In short, it is a digital product that lets you use your smartphone to authorize certain operations using a digital signature. Would you like to know how the mSzafir application came to be? If your answer is yes, read on!


Quite a few people in Poland use their smartphones to deal with administrative matters. However, it was not necessarily the case a few years ago. Back then, many of these matters required an additional device to complete. For instance, you might have needed to scan your ID card using a special scanner. 

After the release of the electronic version of the Polish ID card, the entire process was effectively digitized. However, mobile applications were not yet able to fully benefit from it. With that in mind, KIR, one of the key financial institutions in Poland, asked Neontri to develop a qualified signature solution for mobile phones.


The Neontri team developed a mobile application and a comprehensive authorization system based on Jiffee. Called mSzafir, it is a mobile version of the Szafir qualified signature KIR was already offering. With its help, you could now sign important documents using any iOS or Android device. The entire process was based on one-time passwords, making it rather intuitive and user-friendly.



The mSzafir mobile application was officially launched in 2020. With its release, our client’s users gained the ability to sign official documents using their smartphones, no additional devices required. You just have to input the one-time password you received on your mobile device into the correct field, and you are good to go!

Two-stage identity verification

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