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Top 10 Generative AI Platforms and Tools for Software Development

With the increasing popularity of generative AI, more and more GenAI platforms and tools are available for different purposes.

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Nowadays, we can choose from many generative AI platforms and tools to help us at work, thanks to their amazing possibilities. Using these generative AI tools may benefit the development and facilitate mundane tasks.

What is generative AI?

Generative artificial intelligence is a type of AI technology that can create different content. GenAI uses algorithms and models to produce content like texts, images, audio, video, etc. Depending on the user’s input, genAI can generate different responses.

What are GenAI tools?

Generative AI tools operate on advanced machine-learning techniques and deep-learning models. These are software applications that use AI to generate different kinds of content, including text, images, video, etc. Tools can be used as assistants, through API, or in search engines. In general, GenAI tools have a rather narrow purpose and are focused on generating a specific type of content.

What are GenAI platforms?

Compared to GenAI tools, GenAI platforms may offer a broader range of services as their ecosystem can include multiple tools, models, and other elements. GenAI platforms are an extensive environment for AI solutions. Their comprehensive capabilities are very useful for AI development and deployment. However, in many cases, the terms “platform” and “tool” are used interchangeably as their use overlaps.

How can GenAI tools and platforms be used in software development?

Depending on the needs, GenAI tools and platforms can be used for various purposes. For software development, they can be used as an assistant for programmers or as a guide on how to solve code problems. There are many GenAI tools and platforms available on the market. Let’s have a look at the most helpful for the software industry.

AlphaCode by Google DeepMind

AlphaCode by Google DeepMind — features

AlphaCode by Google DeepMind is a system developed for competitive programming. It is an improved version of Alpha Code that was released about a year ago. Alpha Code uses the Gemini Pro generative AI model. It can handle challenging coding tasks at a fast speed. This is a great source of quick code generation thanks to its ability to solve programming problems effectively. This GenAI tool utilizes an extensive dataset of code to contribute to developers’ efficiency.

AlphaCode by Google DeepMind — use cases

AlphaCode can facilitate programmers and improve their productivity by automating coding tasks like generating code templates or creating foundations for unit testing. Such help will allow programmers to focus on more creative coding tasks.

AlphaCode by Google DeepMind — pricing

Alpha Code is free to use.

GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot — features

GitHub created a programming copilot with the help of OpenAI. It’s called “AI pair programmer,” as it helps programmers create code by making real-time context suggestions, auto-completion, and recommendations in the code editor. Currently, it’s widely used by developers, and this GenAI tool has become an industry standard. It can analyze the context of the edited file and can offer relevant suggestions that accelerate the programmer’s work.

GitHub Copilot — use cases

GitHub Copilot can generate code snippets for programmers to save time. This GenAI tool can also make comments and prepare documentation based on the code. It can also help in debugging and generating tests or making code reviews.

GitHub Copilot — pricing

Depending on the plan you choose, you can pay monthly or yearly. The prices per month start from $10 to $19.

Duet AI for Developers

Duet AI for Developers by Google — features

Duet AI is a set of GenAI tools provided by Google. Duet AI offers AI-powered collaborators to help in your work. This tool integrates GenAI into Google Workspace and Google Cloud. Duet AI is now extended by Duet AI for Developers and Duet AI in Security Operations. All these offerings are now generally available. Duet AI for Developers is a GenAI tool that assists the user through a natural language chat interface, making it approachable.

Duet AI by Google — use cases

Duet AI can be used for fast coding thanks to AI code completion. It also generates code in 20+ programming languages. This GenAI tool can also take over repetitive tasks and processes. It can increase the efficiency of programmers by assisting in troubleshooting.

Duet AI by Google — pricing

Currently, DuetAI is generally available, and there is no specific price for the service. You can get a custom quote for your organization by contacting a Google Cloud sales representative.


Claude.ai by Anthropic — features

Claude.ai is a chatbot that has recently been powered by the newest Claude 3.0 models, Haiku, Sonnet and Opus, with increased capabilities. Developed by Anthropic, the advanced AI can be used by enterprises to solve true business problems. Its potential can be a valuable asset for deploying artificial intelligence in many operational aspects. This GenAI tool is a powerful alternative to ChatGPT.

Claude.ai by Anthropic — use cases

Claude.ai, with the latest 3.0 model, is a chatbot that can generate various types of content, such as writing texts, preparing document summaries, or helping with research. This GenAI tool can also generate programming codes.

Claude.ai by Anthropic — pricing

Claude.ai offers a different pricing depending on the model.

Haiku: Input: $0.25 / MTok and Output: $1.25 / MTok
Sonnet: Input: $3 / MTok and Output: $15 / MTok
Opus: Input: $15 / MTok and Output: $75 / MTok

Amazon Bedrock

Amazon Bedrock — features

Amazon Bedrock by Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a fully managed service with access to models from different AI companies through an API. This GenAI platform also has developer tools that facilitate the utilization of these models. Amazon Bedrock can support AI tasks and applications. This generative AI tool offers a single API with access to a choice of advanced foundation models (FMs). It effectively supports security, privacy, and responsible AI practices. In November 2023, AWS announced new model choices were added to Amazon Bedrock and made their Knowledge Bases generally available.

Amazon Bedrock — use cases

Amazon Bedrock is a GenAI platform that helps increase data protection, security, and privacy in AI applications. It can develop ML models to predict which products may require maintenance to minimize downtime.

Amazon Bedrock — pricing

Amazon Bedrock offers a few types of pricing: on-demand, batch, provisioned throughput, and model customization. Details are available on their website.

Google Vertex AI

Google Vertex AI — features

Google Vertex AI by Google Cloud offers a wide range of generative AI, including AI solutions, search and conversation, a unified platform, and over 100 foundation models. It’s a generative AI machine-learning platform that combines data engineering and machine learning, making it easier for teams to collaborate and leverage the benefits of Google Cloud for their AI projects.

Google Vertex AI — use cases

This GenAI platform simplifies and accelerates the development and deployment of AI models and allows for the creation of custom search engines. It’s a great choice for users who want to take advantage of the power of machine learning.

Google Vertex AI — pricing

Vertex AI has a dedicated pricing structure for various services. Generative AI text generation costs $0.0075 for online requests and $0.0060 for batch requests. Details about the pricing are available on their website.

Replit Ghostwriter

Replit Ghostwriter — features

Ghostwriter by Replit is another “AI pair programmer” that facilitates writing code. With this GenAI tool, programmers can code more efficiently and effectively. It helps by providing suggestions and code completions in real-time as the code is being created. Ghostwriter, as a GenAI tool supporting at work, can complete, explain, generate, and transform code. It enables a fast transformation and refactoring of large blocks of code. It’s one of the alternatives to GitHub Copilot.

Replit Ghostwriter — use cases

Replit Ghostwriter helps in the coding process, speeds it up by giving suggestions and providing code completion in real time. This GenAI tool offers a “pair programmer” to collaborate on the code writing.

Replit Ghostwriter — pricing

Replit Core costs $120 per year for individual users. You can also get custom pricing for companies.

DataStax products

DataStax — features

DataStax offers different AI tools supporting real-time AI-powered applications. Real-time AI solutions are a great source for companies developing applications using Large Language Models (LLMs) and generative AI. They allow companies to access the right data at the right time to take advantage of AI-powered applications. DataStax helps organizations understand how AI tools work and how to maximize their use, thanks to the research conducted by the company. Their database platform, including Apache Cassandra, enables companies to manage data effectively across many data centers and clouds.

DataStax — use cases

DataStax offers Vector Search that helps AI and machine learning users in developing GenAI applications and LLM agents on Cassandra and Astra databases. This generative AI platform can be used for creating text and code utilizing vector search capabilities on top of these databases.

DataStax — pricing

Depending on the product from DataStax, the prices are different. Vector Search has two pricing options: pay-as-you-go and annual. DataStax website also provides a pricing estimator to adjust the price to specific needs.

Gemini (ex. Bard)

Gemini by Google — features

Google has announced a new era by introducing a multimodal AI, Gemini, their most capable AI model so far, which has replaced Bard, their AI chatbot. Gemini has the potential to transform any type of input into another type of output, such as creating images and text combined or generating code based on a video. Gemini has access to Google apps and services and can get real-time information.

Gemini by Google — use cases

Recently, Gemini is strongly oriented ad creative conversation, but can also debug, explain, and generate code. This GenAI tool can also help translate one code language into another. Gemini can also optimize the input code to make it work faster and more efficiently.

Gemini by Google — pricing

Gemini is free to use with a paid Advanced model. Gemini requires to log into Google environment to use Gemini.


Snyk — features

Snyk is a platform for developers that allows for securing applications while coding. It helps find and improve security weaknesses. The platform offers many tools and solutions that help secure the code, avoid vulnerable dependencies, reduce risk for the business and many more. This GenAI platform helps build secure code from the beginning.

Snyk — use cases

The Snyk platform can be used as a security expert. Developers can integrate tools offered by Snyk to perform security checks and fix any vulnerabilities. Snyk can also scan an existing code to check for security flaws.

Snyk — pricing

Snyk is free for individual users and offers a team plan from $25 per month or product.

Advantage of generative AI tools for software companies

Using generative AI tools and platforms at work can significantly influence the efficiency of performing mundane tasks and enhance productivity. People can focus on creative assignments instead of repetitive jobs.

Using GenAI tools can also influence the decision-making process by providing quick financial analysis and predictions.

Generative AI platforms offer a comprehensive examination of huge chunks of data and text in just a moment. All these factors are a great argument for implementing the use of GenAI tools in the everyday work of software companies.

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