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Top 5 mobile banking apps in the world

Which mobile banking app is the best?

Sara Kurczyńska

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Andrzej Puczyk

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Let’s sum up what we know about mobile banking so far. We have proven that the mobile app market is doing great and it’s still gaining popularity. We have also learned why users like these solutions so much. But the huge potential of this channel and the hype is not enough. There are hundreds of banking apps on the market and each of them provides different functions and UX. Is it possible to choose the best one?


Why do we use mobile banking apps?

Before we rate any banking app we have to learn more about the users’ needs. According to the research, Americans most often use mobile applications to check balance and transaction history. In other words – to manage the cash flow.

Apart from finance management, it is important for users to be able to make safe and easy transactions in the app. Over half of the American users claim this is one of their most essential functions. This and other reasons for using a mobile banking app are presented on the chart below.

mobile banking


Which mobile banking app is the best?

The perfect mobile banking app provides easy access to a range of products, enables 24/7 access to the money, and has a great UX. Furthermore, it is also extremely secure. According to the Retail Banker International ranking, the best mobile banking app in 2019 was IKO of PKO Bank Polski – the biggest Polish bank. It’s not surprising for us because Neontri is one of the co-developers of that solution.  

So, we know who’s the winner, but how does the full ranking look like?

mobile banking


The best 5 mobile banking apps

At the top of the ranking, we find mobile applications created by: 

  1.     PKO Bank Polski (Poland), 
  2.     Capital One (USA)
  3.     JP Morgan Chase (USA)
  4.     Sberbank (Russia)
  5.     Barclays (UK)

These are the best-rated banking apps worldwide. They are distinguished by their functionality, user experience, reliability, and safety. The development of a perfect mobile app is a really tedious and expensive process even for large banks. One of our solutions may help accelerate the development of a mobile banking app and save hundreds of working hours with no compromises on security and functionality.

If you are interested in knowing more please do not hesitate to contact us!



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