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The Potential of Polish Developers and Outsourcing Perspectives for 2024

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Agata Tomasik

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Talent outsourcing is a popular way of expanding a company’s possibilities, especially in the IT sector. Of course, the cost of outsourcing must be manageable for the company’s funds, but nowadays, we can see a shift to outsourcing for quality rather than cutting costs. In this trend, the Polish developer market stands out in many aspects, and companies outsource Polish specialists for many reasons.

Outsourcing for quality

Why are Polish IT specialists valued? Poland is ranked as one of the top outsourcing countries for technical and functional reasons. The baseline is Polish outsourcing is seamless compared to countries located on other continents. Thanks to cultural proximity and the European time zone, the work schedule fits the operating time of most companies that may need outsourcing. If the company is based in Europe or within a few hours of the time difference range, then the time availability is no problem, and neither is setting up meetings or the team’s responsiveness.

The technology stack, proper education, and experience are other assets worth mentioning. Poles have a solid educational background, especially in math and science. The very high tertiary education level is another reason Poland is so popular as an outsourcing talent pool. Poland is a home of many major IT hubs, such as Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław, Tri-City, etc.

Another important aspect is the communication itself. Even though the team may work in a setting that fits you hourly, the issue may be the language. In the case of Polish specialists, the language skills are evaluated at a very high level. The English proficiency of Polish specialists is better than that of other outsourcing leaders, beating India or China, which were graded as moderate and low, respectively.

Depending on the source, the IT talent pool in Poland includes about 300,000 specialists to choose from. And every year, thousands of ICT graduates join the pool. Neontri, as an outsourcing partner with over ten years of experience on the market, has a constantly updated database of 40,000 vetted IT professionals. That’s why we can offer experienced, reliable teams of specialists to work with. These include not only developers with a broad technology stack but also project managers, product managers, product owners, testers, analysts, etc. They all have a proven track record, strong work ethics, and familiarity with remote work culture.

Every partner using Neontri’s outsourcing services gets a dedicated team that recruits professionals who match the technological requirements in 3 to 5 days. All necessary formalities and administration are also taken care of for the client. Depending on the needs, Neontri Total Talent Management provides specialists from the talent pool for a project or long-term cooperation that can fulfill the goals of the product. Many established companies used Neontri’s outsourcing services, including VISA, Hitachi, Sodexo and more.



Technology at the core

Poland is a market with a strongly developed tech industry. Thanks to the wealth of tech talents and specialists, many established companies have set their branches in the country. Google, IMB, Microsoft, and more tech giants are taking advantage of the talent pool available in Poland. Polish growing technology hubs, including 60,000 technology companies, operate in the country, ranking 5th in the EU and covering 8% of all ICT companies in the EU. Poland was called the emerging tech epicenter and is developing under the supervision of the Innovation Hub Program.

What’s also notable is that Poland ranked third in the best developer ranking by Hacker Rank. Poland is the leader in the Java domain but also scored high in algorithms, Python, and Ruby. At Neontri’s talent database, we have top developers with experience in Java, .NET, C++, Python, PHP, GO, JavaScript, Angular, React, Vue.js, iOS, SAP, and Android.

Speaking of innovation, one of the founding members of OpenAI is Polish. Wojciech Zaremba co-created ChatGPT, which uses the OpenAI language model for generating responses. But he was not the only one on the team, as a few more Polish researchers contributed to AI development. Poland is being considered as a prospective hub for further development of OpenAI, as Sam Altman, the CEO of Chat-GPT maker, is exploring potential locations in Europe. Altman himself openly talks about Polish engineering and research talent. Looking at the contribution of Polish professionals in the tech industry, it is understandable because not only OpenAI has benefited from the Polish talents. Polish minds also created Klarna and PayPal.

Neontri is right in the middle of the tech wealth. Offering complex IT solutions in many areas, such as mobile and web applications, payments, genAI, big data, third-party integration, and many more, Neontri was entrusted with over 300 finance, banking, and e-commerce projects.

Neontri implemented mobile apps for retail and business clients of one of the leading Polish banks. Starting with the backend from scratch through design and implementation, the expertise of Neontri’s tech talents helped deliver the first app version for business clients in only seven months.

The experience in fintech also allowed us to cooperate with KIR, the key partner in the Polish payment system. Neontri created a PDS2 hub integrating over 300 Polish banks with third-party payment providers. We also integrated an innovative instant payment system for a sporting goods market leader. These are just a few examples of the over 400 projects we helped implement.

Banking and payment solutions are just a few examples of the services we offer. While we worked on certain projects, we couldn’t ignore digital product security and safety issues. That’s why one of our partners initiated a new product offering strong authentication when using banking or government apps. This is how Jiffee came to be. The platform ensures client operations are secured by one-time codes.

The platform enabled further development of security systems. With the growing government digitalization and the use of mobile phones to handle official matters, we answered with a safe, electronic signature to accelerate the process of filing and signing official documents.

Cost-efficient solutions

Recent years have been a challenge in terms of the worldwide economic situation. Many companies faced cost-cutting and reductions; some looked for a workable solution to keep the business running while mitigating losses. Outsourcing was one way, and as Stanford reported, choosing Polish developers paid off.

A 90-person team was replaced with a two times smaller team of Polish developers, significantly reducing the annual engineering spend while obtaining similar results in just a few months. This is an excellent example of the quality of work of Polish talent in tech.

Looking at the cost of hiring developers from Poland and central Europe, the base annual salary rate, according to PayScale, is about EUR 25,923. This accounts for about half of the rates in Western Europe and other offshore countries (e.g., Germany – EUR 51,699; UK – EUR 37,907). About half the price for excellent skills is a great argument for outsourcing Polish specialists.

Neontri offers flexible solutions in terms of outsourcing. Whether you need to work on a tight budget, we can arrange a fixed-price cooperation. When you need a long-term type of cooperation, we adjust the costs to keep both parties satisfied. And if you’re looking for effective recruitment, you pay for the services only when the candidate we find is satisfactory for you.

For those who start their journey on the Polish market, there are tax opportunities to take advantage of when setting up a company. Poland introduced new rules for exemption from withholding tax (WHT) that are beneficial for foreign investors. Taxation solutions such as WHT and double taxation reliefs are great arguments for growing your business in Poland. The Polish government also offers grants or real estate tax exemptions to encourage foreign investors to establish businesses here.

There are also tax instruments available for the field of Research and Development, including R&D relief, robotization relief, etc. For example, if your business originates from the UK, you can take advantage of a lower rate of corporate income tax (9% instead of 19%). Such opportunities for investors are a significant motor for tech development in Poland.

The talents for your company

Poland has a lot to offer in the tech industry. Finance, big data, cybersecurity, and all the newest technologies are no challenge for experienced devs. Looking at the growth perspectives, the potential of the tech talent pool, and tax opportunities, Poland is a great place to connect your business with. The proximity of the country, readiness for remote work, and excellent skillset at a reasonable price are great arguments for outsourcing Polish IT specialists.

Outsourcing to Polish developers offers a mix of skill, innovation, and a good price-quality ratio that is an optimal choice for tech projects. If you need professional services with talent management and access to top specialists with experience in fintech, big data, cybersecurity, and more, Neontri has it all in one place.

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