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With third-party providers now allowed to access customer data, core banking systems can soon start struggling with the onslaught of requests. Biffee solves this problem by handling account information queries to offload the infrastructure.

The problem


Increased load on legacy machines

The majority of banks in Europe still operate on legacy mainframes. With PSD2 and the Open Banking directive giving third-party providers (TTPs) real-time access to customer account information, the rise of TTP applications equals a large increase in traffic.

That growing number of transactions and queries puts a load on legacy machines for which they simply weren’t designed. Heavy traffic causes latency and a significant drop in system performance for customers and bank employees.



Biffee is a core banking system offload engine. A smart big data solution designed to return account information queries without any disruption in performance or stability to the core banking infrastructure.

How it works


Step 1

Using a bank’s existing software, Biffee extracts customer data from the core banking system in real time. The data is transferred to the Biffee archive where it's structured and optimized for analytics and convenient browsing.


Step 2

Since no one can predict just how much traffic will increase, Biffee offers linear scalability with commodity x86 servers. This eliminates the need for significant and costly upgrades to the core banking system. When resource demand grows, simply add more PCs to the infrastructure to swiftly adjust the performance.


Step 3

Everything happens in a secure environment. The access layer supports strong OAuth2 and Kerberos authentication protocols as well as SSL encryption. Biffee also keeps multiple copies of data - information can’t be accidentally deleted or lost due to single-node failure.


Step 4

Access to data is strictly controlled based on predefined roles and permissions, to prevent unauthorized persons from obtaining customer account information. When PSD2-compliant apps send account information queries, data from the Biffee archive is quickly retrieved and sent back.

Biffee is based on DataStax Enterprise

Biffee features

No costly hardware upgrades or changes in existing systems
Linear scalability through shared computing
Contextual full-text “Google-like” search engine
Custom data aggregates, marketing actions, and reports
3000 transactions/sec with a latency of less than a second
200 parallel full-text searches per second
Extreme data security and strict data access management
Seamless interoperability with core banking systems
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