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Appifee is the first Mobile Enablement Platform with push notifications and a native user experience. Thanks to our platform, building applications is more affordable, faster and simpler than ever. All ready in 14 days!

Nowadays, having your own mobile application is fast-becoming a goal that is rarely achievable.
Until now. Meet Appifee. 


appifee logo

Appifee features

Publishable in Apple App Store and Google Play
Push notifications
Native user experience
Location based services
Integrate your web based features with native Android & iOS ones
Easily add completely new custom features

Appifee consists of two components:


1. Web view component that displays your content build using web technologies

2. Native component that offers great features using native Android and iOS technologies.

And the connector which allows the two parts to seamlessly interact.


Appifee - solves the most important issues

Your app ready in just 14 days
Have your app for a fraction of a price
Play with exciting and unique features
Publishable in Apple App Store and Google Play

Appifee vs the alternatives


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