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Who are we

We are Neontri. Our services and technologies help clients be successful in digital, mobile first world.

We specialize in Custom System Development and IT Outsourcing. Our unique experience in financial technologies and payments makes us a good fit for clients from the financial sector, retail and e-commerce.

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Neontri - a reliable partner for engineers, developers and IT consultants that feel the vibe of financial industry.

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Our clients

united arab emirates

Our values

  • Customer satisfaction

    the feeling of meeting their expectations, stemming from quality and trust

  • Effectiveness

    we always find optimal way to achieve our goals

  • Integrity

    we always follow the rules

  • Optimism

    we are positive about people and challenges

  • Perseverance

    we consistently pursue our goals, facing the difficulties head-on

  • Teamwork

    cooperation between mature people based on loyalty, respect, and trust


Big brackets with the most often asked questions

It varies from project to project. By and large, projects last for around 6 months, but there are also projects that take 3 months or less or, on the other hand, ones that extend over the period of 12 months. The project’s duration can be estimated at the beginning and then it can be extended, depending on the situation and the client's decision.

You decide what's next!

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Nothing intresting for you yet?

Do not hesitate to send us your CV. Our Sourcing Team will proceed a short interview to become aware of your professional skills and preferences. It will help us to get to know you moreand iclude your CV in our candidate database, but also to find a project that meets precisely your expectations afterwards.

Once we found something appropriate, we will reach you back to share all the details.

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    Dorota Wetoszka

    HR manager

    dorota.wetoszka@neontri.com +48 730 007 717
    Agata Tomasik

    VP of IT outsorcing

    agata.tomasik@neontri.com +48 510 447 301