IT Recruitment Process Outsourcing: The Future of Scaling Your Workforce

Streamline your recruitment process, reduce costs, and land the perfect candidates with tailored RPO solutions.

What Are IT Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Services?

Recruiting the right talent is crucial for business success, but it can be time-consuming and challenging. An RPO partner acts as an extension of your HR team, understanding your culture and hiring needs. By delegating recruitment operations to Neontri, you can streamline the recruitment process and focus on core activities. Our RPO services cover everything from advertising roles and reviewing resumes to candidate sourcing, interviewing, and hiring.

Benefits of RPO for IT Businesses

Cost efficiency

Filling open positions quickly minimizes lost productivity and revenue. RPOs streamline hiring, reduce recruitment costs, and save you money compared to internal efforts.

Access to quality talent

RPO providers have a vast network of skilled recruiters who find top talent, including diverse candidates. They build a strong talent pipeline, ensuring you have the right people ready when you need them.

Expert employer branding

Building a strong employer brand attracts top talent, but it’s challenging, especially for small businesses. RPOs leverage your brand for sourcing and marketing, helping you stand out in a competitive job market.

Up-and-down scalability

Hiring needs are changing. RPOs flexibly adapt to your workload. During busy periods, they handle high-volume hiring. In slower times, you don’t pay for idle in-house recruiters.

Best-fit technology

As keeping up with recruitment technology can be tough, RPOs use cutting-edge tools to find the best candidates. They provide real-time data and insights to optimize your hiring process.
Better strategic insight.

Our trusted clients

And why our clients love Neontri

Neontri stood out with their commitment, technical competence, and understanding of KIR’s business needs.

Robert Trętowski
Vice President

A solution co-developed with Neontri has reduced the number of queries directed to the central system, resulting in lower infrastructure costs and customer service time.

Piotr Durakiewicz
Team Leader – Department of Electronic Banking Applications

The IT specialists they provided possessed the necessary experience and required competencies. We recommend Neontri as a trustworthy and reliable business partner.

Wojciech Moraczewski
Senior Manager

Your pain points – Our solutions


Limited recruitment resources

Small businesses may not have the resources to hire full-time recruiters or maintain an in-house HR team.


High cost of recruitment

Traditional recruitment methods can be costly, especially if you need to fill multiple positions or if the hiring process takes longer than expected.


Difficulty attracting top talent

In the current competitive job market, it can be difficult to attract top talent who have many options to choose from.


Time-consuming screening process

Sorting through resumes and conducting initial screenings takes time, especially if you have a large pool of candidates.


Inefficient hiring process

Without a streamlined hiring process, you may lose out on top candidates who accept offers from other companies before you have a chance to extend an offer.

How exactly our RPO process looks like?


Work scope + Kick off

We analyze the information you gave us, and conduct market research to provide you with the resources you need.



We identify candidates with the best role fit.


Candidate showcase

We send you 2 – 3 resumes with relevant soft and technical skills.



You have a meeting or a video chat with the specialists you liked most.



After you’ve chosen the candidate you liked most, we can facilitate the onboarding process, including background checks, orientation, and training.



Once the new hire is on board, we manage their employment, including payroll, benefits, and other HR tasks.



Regular evaluation of our coope-ration, as well as the performance of the hired employees, to ensure we are meeting your needs.


Recruiting and RPO both help fill open positions, but they differ in scope. Recruiters typically focus on finding qualified candidates for one specific role, or a handful at most. RPO acts as an extension of your internal recruitment team, managing the entire process for multiple positions. They source candidates, screen resumes, conduct interviews, and handle all the administrative tasks involved in hiring.

MSP (Managed Service Provider) and RPO deal with staffing needs, but MSP offers a broader range of solutions. They can provide temporary and contract workers, along with helping you recruit permanent employees. RPO, on the other hand, is specifically dedicated to finding permanent hires for your company.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) encompasses outsourcing a wide variety of business functions, like customer service or accounting. RPO, in contrast, focuses solely on the recruitment process for your company. They become experts in your company culture and needs, streamlining the process of finding the right permanent talent.

Recruiter on Demand (ROD) offers a more temporary solution compared to RPO. With ROD, you get a single recruiter assigned to a specific project to fill one or a few roles. RPO provides a dedicated team who becomes familiar with your company, offering ongoing support for your entire recruitment process, not just a single project.

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