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Enhance security, streamline processes, and scale effortlessly as your business grows – partner with us to implement custom banking software solutions engineered for your success.

We are deeply familiar with the unique dynamics of the banking industry and the challenges banks face in meeting evolving customer expectations while staying competitive. With our deep expertise and innovative mindset, we are your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of modern banking.

Our clients

We work for industry leaders and challengers. Our aim is to build long-lasting client relationships and become their vendor of choice. 100% client retention rate in 2022 validates our success.

Our Banking expertise

Data management

In the era of data-driven decision-making, Neontri offers comprehensive Data Management solutions that empower banks to harness the full potential of their data. By leveraging advanced analytics and robust data processing technologies, we help banks gain valuable insights, identify patterns, and make data-driven decisions that drive business growth.

GenAI solutions

At Neontri, we’re revolutionizing the way enterprise banks engage with their customers through cutting-edge Gen-AI solutions. Our AI-driven analytics not only provide actionable insights but also enable predictive decision-making, optimizing your digital channels for peak performance. In tandem with our comprehensive digital banking solutions, we offer a seamless, secure, and highly customizable user experience.

Mobile app native development

Whether you need mobile banking or a simple app, we can help. We’ve been developing enterprise-grade apps for millions of users since 2014.

Reusability allows us to quickly build secure, enterprise-grade mobile apps used by millions. It saves you tens of thousands in development cost and ensures quick time to market. Our mature architecture has been tested by millions over several years, so you take no risks by working with us.

We can take care of your mobile app end-to-end. UX design, backend and frontend development, deployment – we have you fully covered. Our test-driven development ensures highest quality and a great user experience.

Mobile app MVP

Our unique technology can instantly transform any website into a mobile app. We can build your MVP within days and pave the way for your future success. By seamlessly blending web and native components, we ensure a great user experience. You can also gradually migrate to a fully native app for even better results.

Cloud services

Neontri provides end-to-end cloud services that encompass cloud strategy, migration, and ongoing management. Our experts assess banks’ specific requirements and develop a cloud strategy tailored to their needs. We leverage leading cloud platforms to ensure secure data storage, reliable infrastructure, and seamless scalability.

Third-party integrations

To stay competitive, it is crucial for banks to seamlessly integrate with third-party applications, platforms, and services. We work closely with banks to identify integration requirements and design robust integration architectures. As a result, banks can expand their offerings, streamline processes, and provide customers with enhanced functionalities.

Custom backend development

Neontri offers custom backend development services, tailoring solutions to the unique needs of each bank. We focus on delivering efficient, secure, and high-performing backend systems that support core banking processes and enable seamless integration with front-end applications. Our efforts empower banks to deliver exceptional banking experiences to their customers while maintaining a strong foundation for their operations.

Our banking solutions won multiple awards!

Over the years, we came across such problems in Banking industry


Limited innovation and agility

Traditional banking systems often lack the agility required to quickly respond to market demands and benefit from innovative solutions. Banks need to overcome the challenges posed by legacy infrastructure and embrace modern technologies.


Outdated payment infrastructure

Many banks struggle with outdated payment infrastructure that hinders efficiency and agility. Legacy systems lack support for modern payment methods and integrations, leading to delays, errors, and a subpar customer experience.


Limited personalization in Banking services

Customers increasingly expect personalized experiences in banking, tailored to their unique needs and preferences. However, many banks struggle to deliver personalized services and recommendations due to limited customer insights and inefficient data utilization.


Data silos and inefficient data management

Banks often face challenges related to data silos and inefficient data management practices. Disconnected data sources, inconsistent formats, and limited data accessibility hinder banks’ ability to gain a holistic view of their customers and make data-driven decisions.


Limited omnichannel experience

Big banking institutions often struggle to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience across various digital and physical touchpoints. Inconsistent user interfaces, fragmented data, and disjointed customer journeys result in a disconnected and suboptimal banking experience.


Inefficient fraud detection and prevention

Banks face constant threats from financial fraud and cybersecurity breaches. Traditional fraud detection systems often struggle to keep pace with evolving fraud techniques, leading to increased risks and financial losses.

Transforming Banking Industry: Our Case Studies

Mobile App

The world’s best Mobile Banking App Development – IKO

A decade ago, the biggest bank in Central Eastern Europe; PKO BP, asked us to develop a mobile banking application. While it was a novelty at the time, we delivered and even exceeded the client’s expectations. It has been recognized as the best mobile banking application in the world twice in a row with more than 7 000 000 monthly users

Big data

Connecting 300+ Polish Banks: The PSD2 Hub Success Story

PSD2, a formidable challenge for banks and third-party payment providers, necessitated swift implementation and substantial investments in infrastructure. The creation of a cutting-edge PSD2 hub, developed in collaboration with KIR, seamlessly connected more than 300 Polish banks with third-party providers. The result? A game-changing platform that enabled timely compliance, fostered secure data exchange, and fueled innovation in the digital banking landscape.


Unlocking Growth with AI: Neontri’s GenAI Optimizes Transaction Management

Chargebacks can be a costly nuisance for enterprise banks, but Neontri’s GenAI solutions are designed to turn the tide. By leveraging AI-driven analytics, our platform can significantly reduces chargeback rates, saving you both time and money. Our intelligent system identifies and resolves transaction issues in real-time, delivering a seamless customer experience.

Why choose Neontri?

Industry expertise

With our deep understanding of the banking industry, Neontri is your trusted partner in navigating its unique dynamics. We bring a wealth of expertise and knowledge that allows us to address the challenges banks face while meeting evolving customer expectations and staying competitive.

Innovative solutions

Neontri embraces an innovative mindset, constantly staying at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies and industry trends. By choosing us, banks gain access to our forward-thinking approach and the latest solutions that drive digital transformation, enhance agility, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Comprehensive Fintech solutions

Our range of comprehensive fintech solutions covers various aspects of banking operations. From modernizing systems and payment infrastructure to data management and fraud prevention, Neontri provides a holistic suite of services tailored to meet the specific needs of each bank.

Customized approach

We understand that every bank is unique, and we take a customized approach to meet their specific requirements. Our team of experts works closely with banks to understand their pain points and strategic objectives, tailoring our solutions to align perfectly with their goals.

Proven track record

Neontri has a proven track record of success in the banking industry. Our satisfied clients stand as a testament to our ability to deliver results and drive sustainable growth. By choosing Neontri, banks can trust that they are partnering with a reliable and experienced company.

Partnership and support

We strive to build strong partnerships with our clients, fostering open communication and collaboration throughout the process. We are always available to address any concerns and provide ongoing assistance, ensuring a seamless experience with Neontri.

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Why people love Neontri

Neontri stood out with their commitment, technical competence, and understanding of KIR’s business needs.

Robert Trętowski
Vice President

A solution co-developed with Neontri has reduced the number of queries directed to the central system, resulting in lower infrastructure costs and customer service time.

Piotr Durakiewicz
Team Leader – Department of Electronic Banking Applications

The IT specialists they provided possessed the necessary experience and required competencies. We recommend Neontri as a trustworthy and reliable business partner.

Wojciech Moraczewski
Senior Manager
Marcin Dobosz
Director of Technology

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