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Neontri Labs
At Neontri, we live and breathe innovation. Learn more about how our inventions reshaped fintech in recent years.

How we work

Internal R&D team

Our innovations are developed by our internal R&D teammade of world-class software developers, analysts, and project managers. Depending on the needs, they're supported by scientists from leading universities and other members of our project teams.

Proprietary technology

The innovations we develop are technologically unique enough to be protected by law. We hold full IP rights to all of the solutions invented by our R&D team.

Stable R&D funding

We know that successful innovation development requires stable funding, not solely relied on the profits our inventions generate. That's why we reinvest a significant portion of our annual revenue into R&D activities. In 2018, our total spending on R&D amounted to 75% of all company costs.

Awards & recognition

Jiffee project

Jiffee is our most famous and recognized R&D project. It was developed by our internal R&D team supported by world-class scientists from the Warsaw University of Technology. Jiffee's development was co-financed by the European Union.