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Polish open PSD2 banking hub supported by Neontri

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PSD2 is an EU directive designed to regulate access to bank data and enhance security, encourage innovation, and boost market competition. Learn how we supported the creation of a PSD2 hub that made the smooth implementation of PSD2 possible for three hundred Polish banks!



PSD2 was a pain in the neck for many banks, especially so for small third-party payment providers. First, it had to be implemented on a very short notice, and required the banks to spend a significant amount of time and money on building the necessary infrastructure. Second, third-party payment providers would have to cooperate with a number of big banks to become compliant.



KIR, our client and a key part of the Polish payment system infrastructure, reached out to us with an idea. To address the challenges listed above, we would be tasked with creating a hub that would hook banks up with third-party payment providers. It would minimize the time and cost of implementation for individual institutions. 

We called it the PSD2 hub. It was a comprehensive solution that enabled a smooth and secure exchange of sensitive data between third-party payment providers and banks. The hub consisted of three individual parts, namely the Developer’s Portal, the Sandbox, and the Gateway API.

PSD2 Hub

The Developer’s Portal registers external third-party payment providers, generates test data, and downloads the PSD2 API specification provided by a given bank. 

The Sandbox is a solution designed for setting up test environments. It allows for integration between the third-party payment provider’s systems and the bank’s systems to take place without the bank’s involvement. They do not have to create their own test environments, which saves time and money.

And finally, the Gateway API manages access to a bank’s API, verifies certificates, and makes it possible to add in more value-added services, such as anti-fraud mechanisms, in the coming future.


The PSD2 hub, the result of the cooperation between KIR and Neontri, was launched in 2019. It integrated hundreds of banks with a number of third-party payment providers half a year before PSD2 came into force. Moreover, the entire infrastructure, set up and governed by KIR, can aid third-party payment providers and banks in building competitive and innovative digital solutions.

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