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Case study | 01 Jun 2022
Omnichannel payment solution for sporting goods market leader
Przemysław Pala



Every retail business should think of an omnichannel strategy as an opportunity to reach for more. Why might that be so viable? Undoubtedly clients can be divided into those who prefer shopping via apps versus those who would only do it using the website. That’s one of the many examples which make eCommerce managers build omnichannel businesses to face various customers’ needs. The more coherent channel strategy businesses have, the more customers they can attract.

Our client in this particular case study was one of the global e-commerce leaders in the sporting goods sector. They came to Neontri with the vision of building an application that could help their omnichannel strategy generate more sales transactions. General vision was to create a platform that would help the clients get what they need when there’s something not available at the store. Someone would say it’s a win-win solution and it’s not far from the truth.

Imagine that you found a bicycle of your dreams in the store, but there isn’t your size of the frame, color or functionalities available. You want to buy it, but the store doesn’t have your product. That’s a scenario when many customer’s abandon the idea of actually buying it once the get home. The solution Neontri built enables shop staff to make the order of exact product via tablets while customer’s are still in the shop. All they have to do is paying via BLIK to make the purchase and simply wait for the delivery. Easy peazy, right?



Everything started with an initial call, where we met the retailer and his basic vision. As we mentioned in the introduction, the challenge was to enable customers through omnichannel strategy to buy sporting goods from that company, even if there weren’t particular products available in store.

Omnichannel-payment-solution 02

It is important to mention that the retailer has around 60 shops in Poland which makes it a significant business partner and makes the solution complex at the same time. 


At the beginning of the whole process we discussed our mutual challenges and our business approaches. The second step was technical analysis and scope definition, which were done all together. After some work on our side and kickstarting the project we were able to create the prototype on an already existing application which was the biggest challenge for us.

The legacy code we got was old and there were some debris documentation to help us work on it so it turned out to be time-consuming. Also, it is worth mentioning that the initial solution was provided by the international team and Neontri had the challenge to speak with people located at the Head office in France. 




Firstly we developed a prototype of an already existing application and adapted it to customer’s needs. What’s crucial is that we worked on the technical analysis and prototype before the actual development of the system. The final omnichannel solution was developed as a native Android application in Kotlin.
Omnichannel-payment-solution 01

Another thing was the pure implementation process preceded by setting up accesses etc. Neontri has developed custom integration between customer’s mobile app for coworkers and the payments system – allowing client’s in-store customers to pay for the in-store order with BLIK mobile payment, which is the most widespread payment system in Poland. 

It was crucial for the client because the customer doesn't have to go to the till to pay. Now they can do it immediately with BLIK. Such a solution is very convenient and gives a huge selling opportunity for the retailer and leaves the customers satisfied - win-win solution we mentioned above. 




After settling some technical issues like documentation and testing, Neontri successfully released the solution of a mobile application for the client. Within a few weeks after the payment integration, the system recorded a few million EUR from customers who used the app which we claim as the biggest surprise and positive feedback from the environment. 


Our model of cooperation was time&material which fits projects of that size and scale. Noteworthy is the fact that we managed to deliver the application in 70% of established time.

What can briefly sum up the whole project with the sporting goods retailer are words of their Head of Software Development:

“We were delighted by Neontri's work and the hassle-free execution of the project. What’s more, they know that we have to present the budget to the board etc. so the whole process was super smooth in that matter! We have to admit that the team's approach and quality of work were quite impressive. Last but not least, the quality of the solution and the whole process was brilliant since Neontri has wide experience in cooperation with big companies on the market.”

Head of Software Development



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