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Omnichannel payment solution for sporting goods market leader

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An omnichannel strategy is a great opportunity for a business to maximize its profits. The more consistent and comprehensive it is, the better. A global sporting goods market leader knew that, and approached us with a specific plan in mind. They wanted to launch a mobile application that could help their omnichannel strategy become more profitable. How did we do it? Check out the case study below to find out!


Our client wanted to launch an application that could enable customers to order goods at their stores. If a particular size or color were not available, the customer would approach one of the store employees and ask them to order their desired product. The store employee would then do so using a tablet and our mobile application, and the customer would pay for it using BLIK, a Polish mobile payment service.

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It is important to mention that, at the time, our client had around 60 shops in Poland alone. Our application would have to work in each of these stores and provide its users with a seamless shopping experience. 

Aside from that, we were supposed to develop the entire application based on existing legacy code. It proved to be quite difficult, as the legacy code was old. Worse yet, the documentation that was supposed to help us decipher it was rather lacking. To better understand the code, our engineers had to get in touch with people who were responsible for its creation, which proved to be a time-consuming endeavor.


First, we conducted a thorough technical analysis of the legacy code and the customer’s requirements. Then, we developed a prototype and adapted it to fit the customer’s needs and the highest quality standards. The final omnichannel solution was developed as a native Android application in Kotlin.

Second, our application had to be implemented across the customer’s retail stores. Most importantly, we had to make the application accessible to each store’s employees. Upon signing up, they would gain the authorization level needed to place orders and accept payments. The customer would not have to go to the checkout to complete the entire process, which would significantly improve their customer experience.


Finally, we made the mobile application accessible to our client. We managed to complete the project in 70% of the allotted time. In just a few weeks, the system processed thousands of orders. It also resulted in a significant increase in profits that amounted to millions of Euros. What is more, both store customers and employees were very satisfied with the way our application worked.

What can briefly sum up the whole project with the sporting goods retailer are words of their Head of Software Development:

“We were delighted by Neontri’s work and the hassle-free execution of the project. What’s more, they know that we have to present the budget to the board etc. so the whole process was super smooth in that matter! We have to admit that the team’s approach and quality of work were quite impressive. Last but not least, the quality of the solution and the whole process was brilliant since Neontri has wide experience in cooperation with big companies on the market.”

Head of Software Development


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