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Neontri co-created the world’s best mobile banking app

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Mobile banking applications and solutions are no longer a novelty. Instead, they have become a standard in most industries. However, with such a large number of applications to compete with, you might find it difficult to stand out from the crowd. It is especially the case if you are planning to develop a mobile banking application.

With that in mind, you might be wondering how to design a modern and secure mobile banking application. What should you focus on to outperform the competition? Well, it would be best to look to an industry pioneer, PKO Bank Polski. Their IKO application has become incredibly popular with the bank’s customers. Aside from that, it has been recognized as the best mobile banking application in the world twice in a row. Here is how it was developed!


About a decade ago, mobile applications were just starting to become mainstream. Only a small chunk of the population used mobile banking. That was when the largest bank in Poland decided to capitalize on this growing trend. They wanted to design a mobile banking application that would allow their customers to manage their bank accounts simply and safely.


As part of the implementation team, we were working on frontend (iOS, Android and Windows Phone applications) and backend. The result of our collaboration came in the form of the first mobile banking application in Poland to combine account management with both online and offline payment options. In the years that followed, it was further developed to meet the highest industry standards. To be more specific, we added in a few key functionalities, such as an online currency exchange and a way for customers to purchase insurance policies.



The IKO application has won the title of the best mobile banking application in the world twice in a row. It outperformed the mobile solutions of global leaders in financial services, including Wells Fargo and Bank of America. In 2023, it appears to have been downloaded by more than 7 million users. It has also been reviewed more than 800,000 times, with an average rating of 4.8 stars. We are incredibly proud to say that we helped make it happen!

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