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Case study | 10 Dec 2021
Neontri co-created the world’s best mobile banking app

The market for mobile banking applications and solutions is no longer trendy or a novelty. Today, it’s a standard used in most industries. The race to come up with outstanding applications continues, and the competition is growing, especially in banking. So, the question arises: what’s the best way to design a modern, secure mobile banking app? 


The best answer is provided by an industry pioneer - Bank PKO BP, author of the IKO application. It is highly popular and has the top ratings given by users. As a result, for two years in a row, the application won the ranking of British Retail Banker International. Neontri participated in the development of the flagship product of PKO BP. Check out how the process works!

Mobile banking is one of the biggest game-changers to appear in banking in recent years. Logging in to your bank account using your computer enables you to manage your finances at the smartphone level. In Poland, every third Pole used mobile banking – that’s 14 million users!



Growing interest in the mobile market in Poland


Let’s go back to 2013. Mobile apps are still at the crawling stage, but users are slowly coming to like them and use them more often. At that time, only 2 million Poles had ever used mobile banking at all. But that was when Poland’s largest bank, PKO BP, saw the potential of this trend and decided to design a mobile banking application that would allow users to manage their accounts simply and safely. The result was IKO, the first complete application to combine banking functions related to account management with both online and offline payment functions. In the years that followed, the app was further developed at an intensive pace. Neontri had a part to play in this as one of the subcontractors on the latest version of IKO 3 project. No wonder: since our inception, we have specialised in mobile banking apps.


5 years of cooperation on the most popular mobile banking app in Poland


Bank PKO BP is Poland’s largest bank. A year ago it celebrated its 100th anniversary. Being the oldest bank, however, does not mean it lags behind in providing cutting-edge services. On the contrary, the solutions contained in the IKO mobile app still represent enormous innovations, even outside Poland. 

When creating the third edition of the IKO mobile app, Neontri was responsible for implementing purchase and management of insurance (e.g. car and travel insurance) and integrating electronic currency exchange. At PKO BP’s instruction, we also implemented the WebView mechanism.



Best Rated Mobile Banking Application by Retail Banker International


The IKO app created by PKO BP bank has won the Retail Banker International ranking twice in a row, which includes 100 applications of banks from around the world. The ranking of the British magazine - published for over 30 years - has been prepared on the basis of user ratings.

According to Google Play, IKO exceeded the barrier of 5 million downloads as the first of the applications of banks operating in Poland. Customers of the two largest application stores have rated IKO almost half a million times, with the average of 4.8 out of 5 possible stars. In addition, more than 4.7 million users actively use the application. IKO has become not only a place to manage your bank account. It is a place where you can easily support the activities of the PKO Bank Polski Foundation, take out insurance and conveniently exchange currency. Everything is based on transaction security and well thought-out user experience. 

Neontri has supported elements of IKO development for 5 years, and we are proud to say we have played a part in bringing about the enormous transformation that is mobile banking. Our experience shows, however, that creating a banking application from the ground up requires huge financial outlays and the work of a whole team of specialists, something beyond the reach of many banks, especially new ones. And so, Neontri has developed its own white-label product, Mobile Banking Framework, which provides all the essential application architecture. All you have to do is take care of the app’s appearance and the experience future users will have.


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