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Case study | 15 May 2022
How we built a mobile banking app in a year
Przemysław Pala
Did you know that almost 60% of all Europeans already use online and mobile banking? The market is growing at a breakneck speed, bringing new challenges and innovations to boost competitiveness -  requiring companies to provide both user security and short implementation times. Once again, Neontri has come up with a solution - we’ve blended custom development with a product called the Mobile Banking Framework. Check out how we have implemented our product for one of our Neo-bank clients. 



Scalable mobile banking for mobile-first consumers

Our Client launched a cloud-first bank in an EU member country. But this is not the end of their expansion plans - they plan to conquer more markets. The creation of the Neo-bank itself and the mobile application is just the first step. That’s where Neontri entered the picture - to build a mobile app for the bank that deserves to be recognized as one of the most modern on the market. 

Our cooperation began in December 2018, and the first product launch was in December 2019. A new mobile bank in just one year? Yes.  


Mobile banking app development with advanced biometric technology in 365 days

Neontri came up with what the Client needed. We developed a custom mobile banking app based on our product - the Mobile Banking Framework, a white-label solution containing the features and security systems needed to create a modern banking application. It saves a lot of time and lets you freely adjust the visual layer of the mobile application. But our core architecture is not the only solution. We also developed and implemented a reliable, secure system of transaction authorization and identity verification at the mobile app level. 

When logging into the app, you have three options: PIN, fingerprint, or facial recognition. There’s also a two-stage authentication of operations performed on the bank's website that guarantees cryptographic certainty of the user's identity during transaction authorization. Plus, the app lets you open a new account or change account type at the smartphone level, and can store access passwords.


Biometrics and mobile transaction authorization meet a mobile-first approach

Innovative mobile banking systems are already widely used in Poland, less so abroad. The solutions implemented in Polish banks are extremely modern and user-friendly. The best example is the IKO app by PKO Bank Polski that we have been co-developing since 2015. Year to year the IKO app is recognized as truly the best mobile banking app in the world. And the new Client’s app is right up there with the best: another step in the evolution of global banking, where reliable solutions guarantee the highest level of security.

Neontri has provided its partner with a license to use the Mobile Banking Framework product, which means that as the Client expands into foreign markets by offering "bank in a box" components in the architecture, future mobile banking applications will be loaded with our product as well.

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