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How we built a mobile banking app in a year

Przemysław Pala

Sales specialist

Andrzej Puczyk

Head of Delivery
Reading time 4 minutes

Did you know that most Europeans already use online and mobile banking? The market is growing at a breakneck speed, requiring software development companies to provide their customers with both high quality and a short time to market. Here at Neontri, we are proud to be able to meet these demands. 

How do we do it, and what does the Mobile Banking Framework have to do with it? What is it, and what are its main benefits? If you want to know the answers to these questions, read on! Below, you will find a detailed case study of how we used the Mobile Banking Framework to provide our customer with a robust mobile banking solution.


In 2018, we were approached by a banking client with very ambitious plans. They were a cloud-first bank, and they wanted to expand to other countries. A high-quality mobile application was supposed to help them achieve that goal. Still, it was no easy task. First, the application had to be built from scratch. Second, it had to meet the highest quality standards. Otherwise, the bank would not be able to appeal to its target customers.


Our solution came in the form of a custom mobile banking application based on the Mobile Banking Framework. In short, it is our white-label solution that contains the basic components needed to create a modern banking application. With it, we can speed up the entire development process and save plenty of precious time and money.


We also developed and implemented a reliable and secure way of authorizing transactions. When logging into the app, you can log in using a PIN, your fingerprint, or facial recognition software. There is also a two-stage authentication process that you have to complete anytime you perform any important operation using the bank’s website. It ensures that the user is who they claim they are.


After just a year, our client was provided with an innovative and user-friendly mobile banking system. It made it easier for them to expand into foreign markets by providing their customers with a pleasant and intuitive mobile banking experience.

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