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Case study | 30 May 2022
Mobile banking application targeted at corporate clients ready in 7 months
Przemysław Pala


The project started in 2016 when one of the biggest banks in Poland (having around 11 million clients as of 2022) asked our company to create a mobile banking application for their corporate clients. The challenge was creating the whole backend from scratch with some custom-made reusable app architecture and MBF.

The workload took over 4000 man-days in total (6-7 years), but for this case study, we will focus on the first half a year of the project. The solution was to deliver a highly optimized account management channel plus mobile token used during the authorization process. The result was an advanced corporate application with 24/7 support from Neontri till today.




The bank so far implemented a mobile banking application for retail customers and there was no solution for corporate customers.


That was an important issue for the Bank since transfers and the form of making the corporate customers view their personal information was needed. What’s more, until then corporate clients used internet banking and needed a tablet or a computer with them to do so. Additionally, tokens generated on separate devices were required to perform transactions and authorization of a variety of operations. The whole process was not efficient or user-friendly. There was a strong need to build an application, which would serve as a tool for corporations. That’s how a project to build Business Mobile Application began.



As part of our cooperation, the Bank started to gather requirements for a new mobile banking application and issued an RFP. At that moment we had an offer of a mobile banking framework and we proposed an application for corporate customers based on well-known and secure architecture.



The Bank cared about the time so we needed to act swiftly and with a bright plan. The project was split into several stages for over six months to deliver a working application after each group of sprints:

  • Preparation of a list of processes for executives of corporate clients using corporate banking
  • Splitting the process list into 4 stages (each sprint ready every month and a half)
  • Sprints included closed functionalities - development process
  • Cooperation with an agency responsible for graphic design

After 7 months the bank was able to release the application (in friends and family option and then for everyone). The solution was based on a backend built from scratch by Neontri.



Notably, in the first 6 months, a little number of bugs were reported and, what’s more, none of them were of high or critical parity. That shows the efficiency of our developers and stands as one of the biggest accomplishments of this project.


We created a channel for secure user registration in the banking application. Corporate customers gained access to accounts, history, lists, and details. Users gained access to the most crucial functionality - a list of operations including history, pending operations, rejected operations, and most important: waiting for signature plus ability to sign them.


Another element of the application was information about market rates and some market analysis. The application received a token in the mobile version used during the authorization process. Our solution made log in with biometrics, pin security, or touchID possible for the users.




"Delivering the project in such a short period of time was a challenge for both parties, but thanks to the collaboration between the Bank, the Marketing Agency, and Neontri, we could all open the champagne after the allotted time. As with every project in its infancy, there were minor problems, but the launch of such a solution can be considered a big success. The mobile banking application opened up new possibilities for the Bank's customers - they gained an easier channel for managing products and services offered by the Bank. That made attracting new customers from the market possible. At that time it was a milestone in dealing with business customers and a big advantage of the Bank's offer compared to the market."

Mariusz Bernacki, Account Director at Neontri


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