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Mobile banking application targeted at corporate clients ready in 7 months

Przemysław Pala

Sales specialist

Andrzej Puczyk

Head of Delivery

The project started in 2016 when one of the biggest banks in Poland asked Neontri to develop a mobile banking application. It was meant to be targeted at the bank’s corporate clients. While the entire project took over 4000 man-days to finalize, we will only focus on the first seven months of our cooperation.


The bank in question had already developed a mobile banking application for their retail customers. There was no application for their corporate customers, though. It was a real issue, as these customers had no convenient way of viewing their personal information on the go. Additionally, to authorize various operations, the corporate customers had to use tokens generated on a separate device. Obviously, the whole process was neither efficient nor user-friendly.



We needed to act quickly. We were able to make use of a few custom-made reusable application components to speed things up. Aside from that, we took advantage of our Mobile Banking Framework. It is a white-label solution we developed that makes creating mobile applications for banks easier and quicker.

The project was split into five stages. Since the bank wanted to have the application ready as soon as possible, we were expected to get to the last stage in about seven months. 

First, we had to determine what exactly needed to be done. Next, we divided the entire workload into sprints, with each sprint lasting about a month and a half. During that time, we would work on developing specific functionalities. 

Once the application was functional, we reached out to an agency that specialized in graphic design. Finally, we were to release the application to the public.



After just six months, we were able to develop a fully functional mobile banking application. During those months, few bugs were reported. What is more, they were of low importance. For that reason, it is safe to say that our developers worked efficiently and diligently. The entire development process progressed rather smoothly.

We made the process of signing up for the application quicker and more user-friendly. The process of logging in was also simplified, as customers could now do so using biometrics or a PIN. 

Moreover, corporate clients were finally able to gain access to key features they could previously access only on their desktop computers. The most important ones out of the bunch included transaction history, transaction details, and transaction authorization, as well as stock market analyses and live foreign exchange rates. It certainly made the lives of our customer’s corporate clients much easier!


“Delivering the project in such a short period of time was a challenge for both parties, but thanks to the collaboration between the Bank, the Marketing Agency, and Neontri, we could all open the champagne after the allotted time. As with every project in its infancy, there were minor problems, but the launch of such a solution can be considered a big success. The mobile banking application opened up new possibilities for the Bank’s customers – they gained an easier channel for managing products and services offered by the Bank. That made attracting new customers from the market possible. At that time it was a milestone in dealing with business customers and a big advantage of the Bank’s offer compared to the market.”

Mariusz Bernacki, Account Director at Neontri

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