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Mobile banking app will save your day

Przemysław Pala

Sales specialist

Andrzej Puczyk

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The purpose of this article is to show you the power of the mobile banking app. Why? Try to remind yourself of the time when your wallet was filled with plastic cards, cash, and tickets. It weighed far too much and took up a lot of space. If you lost your wallet, what would you do then? How would you pay in a shop if you lost cash and all your cards? Fortunately, times have changed, and mobile apps, especially banking ones, can save you from a lot of oppression.

According to eMarketer, about 45% of Americans already use the mobile channel to access financial services. This percentage is even higher among the younger generation (Millennials) and amounts to 69%. Despite that, there’s quite a lot of people who are hard to convince to digital or mobile banking. They don’t need to switch to mobile solutions; they prefer traditional ones. But we can imagine a few situations in which you would be grateful for a mobile banking app. If you want to know more, read what is digital banking. Now let’s focus on particular situations that might convince you to use mobile banking more often than you used to.



Mobile banking app – Useful when you forgot your wallet

It was a nightmare a few years ago. No cash, no cards, no documents. You can’t buy tickets or confirm your identity. Actually, it was difficult to function without a wallet. Now leaving home without a wallet doesn’t limit you. 

What is more, if you’re looking for an authentication or mobile payments solution – we have created Jiffee, which will enable you almost entirely to eliminate plastic cards!



Mobile banking app – Handy when you want to split the bill

Dinner with friends? Or maybe you’re traveling together? Do you remember the times when you had to have a piece of paper and a calculator to split the bill properly between your companions? What if you lose that piece of paper? Nowadays, of course, you can do it on your banking app and order a transfer immediately. Easy, safe, and not awkward.



Mobile banking app – Perfect solution when you’re traveling

Travelling, especially to distant countries, can come with some surprises. It is worth preparing for them, but we know that it is not always possible. The mobile banking application provides a virtual exchange office. It also allows you to take out health insurance. All this significantly reduces unnecessary stress and will enable you to enjoy your holiday fully.



Mobile banking app – When you need quickly manage your finances

Can you imagine that in order to send a simple money transfer, you have to go to your bank’s branch and spend there one hour or more in line? Well, this was the sad reality of the financial industry no longer than 20-30 years ago. Thanks to mobile banking, you no longer have to waste time waiting for your turn in your bank’s branch. Just take your smartphone, tap the screen a couple of times, and that’s it.



Mobile banking app – Suitable when you’re shopping online

Purchasing online is now as common as traditional. A few years ago, one of the most popular ways to shop online was cash payment on delivery. The reason was distrusting the seller or the security of digital payment methods. Currently, the percentage of people who do not trust online banking has decreased significantly. We are increasingly willing to pay by phone – using Apple Pay, Google Pay, pay-by-link, QR codes, and one-time codes. All these methods are fast, efficient, and safe. 

Another advantage of using the mobile banking app for online shopping is the fact that you can buy stuff everywhere: on a bus, waiting for a friend in a park, or at the cafe. You don’t need to remember your login details in most cases – biometrics are often enough.


Mobile banking app – Lifesaving when you got robbed

According to Daily Mail, losing a wallet is one of the most stressful situations for half of American Millennials. No surprise – losing sensitive data, access cards, ID cards, or cash is a traumatic experience. Additionally, it involves several visits to the offices, which is time-consuming. We all know that when the wallet ends up in the wrong hands, every minute counts to block access to any activities performed on “our behalf.” 

And also, this time – mobile banking app to the rescue! When such an incident happens, you are able to reserve documents and accounts via your smartphone immediately by logging into the banking app. Your ID, cards, and bills will be blocked and unlocked by you remotely as well.


Going mobile is no longer an “if”

Since the outbreak of the pandemic businesses along with regular customers had to adapt to the digital shift that the new situation required. Not being able to leave your own home needed digital solutions to handle for example your finances. Digital and mobile banking helped solve that problem.

It’s now more visible than ever before how people started to use their smartphones as the main tool of everyday life. The main advantage that mobile apps inventors put emphasis on is flexibility and ease of use. These aspects of banking mobile apps keep encouraging more and more users. 


If you are interested in mobile banking read how Neontri co-created the world’s best mobile banking app.
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