Mobile App Framework is a mobile application development platform accelerating the creation of highly functional enterprise-grade mobile solutions. It cuts time to market with no compromise on usability and security.

The problem

Mobile phones are inherently insecure

Most of their vulnerabilities can be exploited obtaining administrator rights or physically accessing a device. In the case of mobile banking apps, exploitation may lead to a personal data breach, identity theft, or severe financial losses for the customer and the bank.

Mobile app development is time-consuming

The development of a mobile app with top-notch usability and an appropriate level of security is complicated and time-consuming. For a company, it takes a lot of effort and a relatively high budget. For a mobile developer, it entails many boring and repetitive tasks.

Our solution

Using our unique know-how and extensive experience in mobile app development, we’ve created a tool (Mobile Bankinf Framework) that jump-starts building secure large-scale mobile solutions for Android and iOS. MBF is already at the core of mobile banking apps used by millions of satisfied customers.

MBF value proposition

MBF can be used to speed up building native mobile apps (Android / iOS) or hybrid apps based on the WebView component. It consists of a set of libraries to include in the mobile application development project and ready-to-use backend components.

MBF serves a blueprint for the enterprise-grade mobile solution with an emphasis on the bulletproof security. With our verified ready-to-use mobile app’s security architecture, you no longer have to design it from scratch by yourself.

MBF helps professional developers deliver enterprise-grade mobile applications at a fraction of time without imposing too many restrictions. They don’t have to waste time on boring and repetitive tasks and can focus on the development of core business functions.

Mobile Banking Framework features

Saves thousands of developer hours
Verified ready-to-use mobile app security architecture
Focus on your clients instead of technology
Cross-platform interoperability (Android & iOS)
Advanced app management
Standardized application lifecycle management
Enterprise-grade level of availability
Seamless and unrestricted integration with 3rd-party SDKs
Andrzej Puczyk
Head of Delivery

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