Jiffee is a white-label mobile payment and authorization platform. It securely confirms the identities of both parties on either side of an operation – regardless of whether it’s a mobile transaction, authorization of access to a car, opening a gate on the highway or one of many other potential use cases.

The problem

More and more interconnected devices

In the coming years, we will be using more and more interconnected devices. Consider the growth of the whole IoT industry or the accelerating development of smart cities. Most of those devices don’t exist today, even in the minds of engineers. We may not know what those future devices will do or how they will operate. We can be certain, though, that we’ll have to confirm our identity and conduct a payment to use them.

Limitations of NFC technology

Contactless NFC payments are arguably the most convenient and popular way to pay today. Unfortunately, the POS infrastructure replacement cost is a major roadblock against contactless payments becoming a global standard. Another problem is still low market penetration of high-end smartphones equipped with NFC antennas.

Our solution

Jiffee confirms identities of both parties on either side of an operation – be it a payment, transaction authorization, or access control – using Bluetooth. Our proprietary technology limits its operating range to 5-10 cm (2-4 inches). Close enough for unambiguous secure communication, far away enough to be convenient.

Jiffee use cases

We can make any device accept payments

By using Bluetooth instead of NFC, Jiffee can be easily implemented on a massive scale without a costly infrastructure upgrade. No need for high penetration of the most advanced smartphones and contactless POS terminals – Jiffee offers easy access to Apple-Pay-like “tap & pay” payments or convenient mobile authentication tools.

Real-time personalized marketing

Jiffee lets you combine your loyalty system and payments into a single, powerful marketing tool. You can send personalized ads within 10 seconds of undivided attention during every transaction. Even if a customer isn’t physically in the store, our application can still maintain two-way active communication.

Authorization, authentication, and access control

Jiffee can be also used in a number of cases to confirm your identity with a mobile phone. You can enter a concert or stadium with a mobile ticket or check in to your hotel room. With Jiffee, passing the barrier gates on motorways or parking lots can be much easier. Wherever you use a plastic card today, tomorrow you can implement a solution based on Jiffee.

Jiifee features

Ready-to-use payment and authentication solution
White-label platform fully customizable to client needs
Can be used with existing POS terminals and electronic cash registers
Enables any device to accept “tap & pay” mobile payments
Based on proprietary technology developed by Neontri R&D team
Doesn’t need expensive high-end smartphones to work
Seamless and consistent UX on Android and iOS
Interoperability between all mobile operating systems

Jiffee won Finovate Fall 2017

In 2017, Jiffee won the “Best of Show” award at Finovate Fall – the most prestigious fintech conference in the world. It got more votes than 70 other demoed solutions combined!

Watch Jiffee Finovate demo


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