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Case study | 06 Feb 2022
IT positions filled in 3 working days
Przemysław Pala

IT Outsourcing - Solution worth considering

Body leasing (part of IT outsourcing) has become one of the solutions that play a vital role in changing many sectors of businesses such as: mobile banking, eCommerce, or big data area. One of its biggest advantages is the short time needed to find appropriate candidates for the projects or positions.
Another viable aspect is the specialization of the hired people or whole teams. The technological race is on and many companies use outsourcing services to catch up with the tempo of innovations. The question arises: How to do it well?

The answer is NOS - Neontri Outsourcing Services, which specializes in IT Staff Augmentation and provides modern IT solutions to comprehensively support clients’ business processes. From the beginning, NOS has focused on promoting its business model of cooperation with large and prestigious clients from the financial sector that implement their own IT solutions. Our company now employs 100’s of IT professionals (Project Managers, Analysts, Designers, Architects, Developers, Testers, and others) who implement IT projects under the guidance of clients and on-premises.

team leasing

Our client of this case study was a startup company from the financial sector who came with a concrete request of 3 developers for the project lasting 6 months. What’s more, the client had defined needs, estimated budget, and technical knowledge which made the initial understanding way easier with the benefits for both sides. Thanks to our efficient recruitment process we were able to deliver such a team in 3 working days. Seems quite impossible, someone could say. If that’s a comment that echoes in your mind too, listen carefully to our story below.



The growing interest in the outsourcing services market

Nowadays, except traditional body leasing, companies from the financial sector also demand a wider spectrum of outsourcing services: outsourcing specialized IT projects and outsourcing testing services. Moreover, the client may give the provider little time for the recruitment process and that’s where the plot thickens. Let’s focus on the first example here to present the challenge NOS had to deal with.

What’s important, the offer of NOS includes all stages of work on projects from business analysts to implementation of the chosen solution and ongoing support and development. It provides teams of industry experts who have extensive knowledge and experience in implementing custom solutions. That’s exactly what was needed in the case that is being described. The client was in a significant rush, so the main challenge was to deliver appropriate candidates with a strong developer’s background in a very short time.



Database of 40.000 specialist

A database of more than 40 000 registered and immediately contactable candidates allowed for a rapid response to the client's complex query. We used proven recruitment tools and techniques that provide a comprehensive assessment of the qualifications and work suitability of the candidate. There were hundreds of employees involved in our projects over the years, which taught us how to do it properly.

IT positions filled in 3 working days

Another important aspect that is worth mentioning is the experienced and dedicated recruitment team located in the capital of Poland, which made it possible to deliver the solution. Thanks to an impressive tempo of work, a broad network of connections, and appropriate analysis of our developer’s timelines, we managed to find the right people.



Positions filled in 3 working days. IT Outsourcing in its fastest form.

Thanks to our complex recruitment process we were able to offer a personalized team of required specialists. The main advantages of the project were:

  • Fast delivery of IT Professionals with high competency
  • Assigning these specialists for a particular period of time (6 months) 
  • Transferring employment obligations to NOS 
  • An agreement that protects all interests of the client (confidentiality, personal, and data protection)  

What distinguishes NOS from others is providing customers with high-quality services and a strong desire to contribute to the success of its business partners, gain their trust, and build long-term and satisfying relationships. That business model is based on an individual approach to the client, on flexibility and speed. That’s how NOS was able to deliver 3 full-time employees: 1 frontend Vue.js developer and 2 Java developers in 3 working days showing the example of efficiency and reliability of the services we offer. Our result that we take pride in is the experienced recruitment team, which does its job efficiently and reliably.

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