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How IT outsourcing can change the game?

Przemysław Pala

Sales specialist
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Taking a closer look into IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing is a process where a company uses external service providers to deliver IT business solutions in an effective way. To learn some basic elements you can read about body leasing as the wave of change.

Steps towards a brighter future

Outsourcing’s business model shows from the very beginning what benefits could clients expect from it. First of all, providers are in charge of the overall coordination of cooperation between them and their clients which may be convenient. They also take responsibility for the quality of provided resources and services to mutually accomplish the desired goals. What is also beneficial for both sides is the market knowledge sharing which enables to broaden the perspectives in business and reach for more thanks to cooperation and exchange of know-how. At the end of such a model stands the promotion of the client’s professional image on the market. Having briefly presented the business model’s elements there’s no doubt IT outsourcing seems to be a viable way of cost-effective action for one’s business. Let’s now check how it actually works.

How does it work?

We can point out four different models of cooperation:

  • IT Staff Augmentation 
  • Try & Hire 
  • Permanent Placement 
  • Team Leasing

For the needs of this article, we will focus on two from the above mentioned to show the process flows.

  • IT Staff Augmentation 

At the very beginning, there’s a need to understand the client’s needs. Gathering all the requirements gives information about the project and/or IT personnel profile. That is followed by complex analysis which will later help in the process of selection of the candidates and the technical verification.

When all of it is finished, providers send around 2-3 CV’s for each requested position to enable the client to get to know the potential candidates and organize a video conference with such IT specialists to carry out the selection. When candidates are accepted and start working on the requested projects, they are still under the supervision and professional assistance of the providers which gives the whole process a sense of effectiveness and appropriate control. Frequently the settlement rules are based on the monthly service provision report (time and material model) – a very convenient way of clearance.

  • Team Leasing

When it comes to the team leasing process it starts with the analysis of the client’s demands and requirements about the potential staff. After that research and market penetration for requested resources follows. Later on, providers prepare a dedicated offer including the proposed team structure. What is both very efficient and convenient is the technical verification done by the providers thanks to their experience. When it all suits both sides the needed team is being placed at the client’s premises to start the desired project.

As you can see, IT outsourcing can bring individual specialists or whole IT teams in a short period of time and a cost-effective manner. Many companies struggle with the lack of experienced IT staff to conduct advanced operations and implement technical novelties. It is crucial for many industries to attract the audience appropriately and to follow the trends not to be overtaken by the competitors. How can outsourcing help you reach your goals?


Power of outsourcing

IT outsourcing providers take pride in the benefits it brings to the clients. We investigated that case and created a list of some of them. What’s the power of such a solution?

  • Recruitment of full-time employees 
  • Flexibility in hiring professionals 
  • Minimizing the client’s costs and time dedicated to the recruitment process
  • Guaranteed quality of work from the employee 
  • Time-saving by transferring the recruitment process to providers
  • Reduction of employee turnover through careful selection of candidates, following specific requirements and expectations of the Client 
  • Access to the rare and needed skills 
  • Increased output and team size 

These are just some of the possible outcomes of outsourcing and yet it carries a strong message to the world: Better think about such a solution now than later.

Help is on the doorstep

No matter how sophisticated your ideas may be, IT outsourcing services could take you there. Technological expansion leads many businesses towards the online- and mobile-first world so IT staff augmentation or body leasing is the appropriate move for those who desire to keep up with the tempo of changes. If you want to hear our story and knowledge in this field read our case studies. Help is on your doorstep – be brave enough to open the door. 



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