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“Hello world” from Neontri, formerly known as Braintri

Our future is bright as a neon. From now on, we’re Neontri.

Jola Ożdżyńska

Graphic Designer
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Over the last 6 years, we have achieved a huge success. We grew up from a small garage startup to the leading European fintech. A lot more will follow. The products mindfully crafted by our R&D team will soon start reshaping fintech on both sides of the pond.

As the business developed, there was a growing need for a change in corporate identity. Something new, something neo… A new brand that will better reflect who we are, what we do, how we talk, and how we present it visually.

In pursuit of the new brand

Finding a new brand these days is a very turbulent, interesting and slightly… ungrateful process. When you think that you came up with a brilliant idea that fits perfectly with all of the puzzle pieces of your new vision, it turns out that somebody else from another part of the world already uses it. Or the domain is occupied. Or there is a Facebook or Instagram account of the same name with posts of people dressed as bees (true story).

Although we have generated a database of more than 1000 brilliant ideas in cooperation with several branding agencies, freelancers and our own employees, only a few of them turned out to be of use from the marketing, business, and legal points of view. Over the process, the emotions were flying at the speed of light – from a creative delight to bitter disappointment.

But then finally, at the end of the tunnel, there was a light… a neon light.
Bright as our future.
From now on, we’re Neontri.

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We wanted our rebranding to be an evolution, not a revolution. That’s why “tri” stays in the name. It can be either associated with the stability and growth of a “tree” or the “three” products in our portfolio – MBF, Jiffee, and Biffee. The word neon, derived from Greek “neos”=”new”, represents our new beginning. Neon also means light, something sparkling, visible, attracting attention, smart, and bold. 

Our logo is an original blend of two elements: parallel and cylindrical neon tubes and a tree.



Every neon tube in the graphical part is irregular and organic like a tree. This symbolizes how all of our products and team members are different.



But in a wider perspective, all tubes form a regular and stable geometric construction – together we form one strong entity.

We have changed a lot, but we continue to stand on a solid foundation: the same colors and distinctive illustrations that distinguish us from our competitors. Our new visual identity is based on scaled logo shapes and neon accents.


Our new slogan is in line with what we are doing, i.e.: Reshaping fintech.


Our new mission is to help the financial industry benefit from the transition to a mobile-first world. Our vision is to build a strong global business presence based on internally invented B2B products for the financial industry.

We are very excited about these changes and we are looking forward to our bright neon future.

Different name. Different logo. Same quality.

Reshape fintech with us!

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