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Disenchanting body leasing with Neontri

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Let’s break the spell of body leasing with Neontri

Would it be a mistake to state that people somehow fear body leasing? Is it a wrong spelling, or maybe it sounds too subjective? We know from our experience that such a cooperation model raises some doubts and that there’s definitely something to it. Our goal for this article is to try to show you that there’s nothing to be afraid of in here.

Body leasing is nothing more than outsourcing specialists from different fields who possess the desired competencies. Imagine a football team that loans some players for a year or two to help the team achieve some results. The players add their skills and advantages to move the whole team higher. That’s more or less how it works. We claim in our other article that body leasing is the wave of change, so we encourage you to read it. Having said that, let’s disenchant this outsourcing method for good!


Benfitients of body leasing

benefits of body leasing

No one wants to feel like a kite in the wind. That’s, unfortunately, one of the most significant charges towards body leasing. Such an outsourcing environment is indeed flexible and dynamic, but it doesn’t have to bring unsatisfying results for the employee. It’s crucial to choose the possible employer wisely and be sure what one wants to do. If a candidate’s choice is well calculated and thought over, they may feel that body leasing is very beneficial. Working in various companies and achieving a broader experience from multiple employers may truly pay off in the future. Let’s sum it up with some examples of how it can be viable for employees:

  • An opportunity to work in various organizational cultures which broadens the point of view and skills
  • Consultations are given at the very beginning of the process. That is an advantage compared to the situation when a candidate would simply apply on their own.
  • A broad spectrum of options is what we take pride in. Candidates are offered many different working opportunities, which gives them the luxury of choosing what interests them best.
  • Care of stability of employment is another aspect worth mentioning. We try to work on solutions when one employment may suddenly come to an end.
  • We take care of your personal development and are always there to help you expand your skills and knowledge.

As you can read above, the benefits of body leasing can be worth considering with both sides’ right approach and confident attitude. It is important to remember that it should be a win-win situation at the end of the day: An employer gets experts that will add their know-how to the project. At the same time, the employee will achieve new background and skills in a different environment than in a previous job.

The conclusion is quite simple, as we see it in Neontri – The perfect match can occur only when both sides desire similar outcomes from the cooperation.

Anyway – It is within reach of the hand when it comes to body leasing. 


Before making a final move

When we talk about outsourcing IT experts, one should consider many aspects. Of course, a lot of them are the responsibility of the employer. Thus, there’s a solid need to consolidate employers’ demands. Be it: the period of employment, the salary, the billing model, the legal arrangements, or the specified employment requirements. Now, let’s rotate it to the other side – employees. What are the aspects you should take into consideration?


Disenchanting body leasing with Neontri04

Skills – Be sure that you fit the position. Employers should specify all the needed skills employees should possess. Apply for the propositions that you find accurate to your know-how and experience. It’s convenient for both sides to know the knowledge limits or skills barriers. After all, everyone wants such cooperation to last. It doesn’t matter if it’s for just a couple of days or maybe months.


Disenchanting body leasing with Neontri04

Time – Body leasing is a way faster opportunity to find a particular job. First of all, you don’t participate in a regular recruitment process. The outsourcing agency itself covers many aspects of it. You can check how we managed to fill IT positions in 3 working days.


Disenchanting body leasing with Neontri

Employment terms – It’s crucial for the employee to know exactly where, what, and how long he is going to a particular company. Be sure you asked all the right questions and dispelled all the hesitations. Knowing the rules always pays off.


Disenchanting body leasing with Neontri

The model of settlements – Body Leasing often works in the Time&Material model, which is convenient because the employee is charged per hour/day/months. That is a very beneficial model for both sides. The employer pays just for the working hours, and the employee also has time for himself (for example, for other projects). Always check it a the start and be sure how the employer desires to settle the payments.


Disenchanting body leasing with Neontri

Formal and legal arrangements – Aspects of authority, legal restrictions, know-how privacy, intellectual property, project’s discretion, and others must be studied and obeyed. Hence, it’s crucial to know the limits in such subject matters. 


Checking on the stereotypes

There are possibly many stereotypes around the subject of body leasing. We will refer to the most common ones that we bumped into during our processes. It’s crucial to mention that sometimes they may have nothing to do with reality. Anyway, let’s find out how it looks. 

  • There are voices that candidates shouldn’t work with any agent. It’s a result of a conviction that a company’s fixed budget could allow body leasing to pay the hired specialists less. Fortunately for the candidates, that is false thinking since budgets for services are often more extensive than the cost of the salary alone. Agents can become a path towards many brand new opportunities.
  • Some companies doubt the way of settling a team of specialists from scratch. It’s a fact that mixing unknown people into a particular group of individuals may be risky. Let’s look at it from the other side. Imagine how much one could learn from the others in a fresh environment. After all, it’s about having a mutual goal and cooperation.
  • Losing one’s copyrights or intellectual property is also a concern worth mentioning. Joining a new working sphere comes along with a risk of your personal know-how that you want somehow to remain private to some point. Formal declarations and legal agreements should cover those matters with care and understanding. Body leasing is not invented to steal specialists’ potentials but rather to use them properly to grow. To sum it up – It all can be safe due to legal regulations and open talks. 

As many companies are there on the market, there are many stories to be written. Some of the employers pay extra attention to details, while others are relatively easy-going when it comes to models and structure of cooperation.

The most important aspect every candidate of body leasing should cover is evaluation. Take your time to know the details of the probable deal. Study the agreement, ask questions and be sure of your limits. 


Why Neontri?

Our offer includes all stages of work on projects, from business analysts to implementation of the chosen solution and ongoing support and development. We provide industry experts with extensive knowledge and experience in implementing custom solutions. What we take pride in is: 

  • A database of more than 40 000 registered and immediately contactable candidates allows for a rapid response to the Clients’ most complex queries.
  • Using proven recruitment tools and techniques that provide a comprehensive assessment of qualifications and work suitability of the candidate.
  • Dedicated team with 15 years of experience in IT recruitment processes.

Disenchanting body leasing with Neontri07

Benefits of cooperation with us:

  • Fast delivery of IT Professionals, 
  • Competent and experienced IT personnel
  • Assigning specialists for a particular period of time 
  • Transferring employment obligations  to Neontri
  • An agreement that protects all interests of the client (confidentiality, personal, and data protection)
  • Possibility of self-implementation of IT projects
  • We can help you build a great-outsourced Support/SLA team


We hope that after this article, you will look at body leasing from the perspective of benefits and advantages rather than fears and convictions. If you are interested in our services and would like to find yourself a new place to work, let us know!


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