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Helping banks stay ahead of the curve with DataStax

Przemysław Pala

Sales specialist

Marcin Dobosz

Director of Technology
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A few years ago, many banks took note of the fact that they could no longer keep up with their data gathering demands. After all, their internal data analysis systems were built with a significantly smaller user base in mind. As a result, they were left scrambling for a reliable and efficient solution to their problem. Quite a few of them turned to us, and we had just what they needed to get things back on track.


Upgrading internal data collection systems might seem easy enough if you are a small or medium company. You might not have to hold on to that much data, and you do not have many dependencies to deal with.
Unfortunately, that is not really the case when it comes to bigger institutions, and banks with millions of customers are no exception. Their internal data gathering systems might be years or even decades old. Worse yet, they tend to be intertwined with a number of other systems. So, if you decide to tinker with a particular system or its integral part, everything around it might start falling apart.


DataStax and DataStax Enterprise provided us with just the support we needed to help our banking clients out. In short, they gave us access to a scalable, cloud-native, and highly available NoSQL database. 

The main reason why we chose DataStax lies in its reliability and scalability. There is no single point of failure, and it can easily accommodate the needs of enterprise-grade software solutions. Built on Apache Cassandra, it is simply perfect for satisfying the demands of applications with huge user bases. In our case, it proved to be particularly useful for developing offloading and data processing systems for banks, as well as for adding features to their search systems.


We provide our banking clients with a ready-to-use solution that comprises several different technologies. Then, DataStax supports them in putting everything into action. After everything is taken care of, banks can start taking advantage of optimized costs, maximized efficiency, and increased security. What is more, they become exceptionally scalable, which makes it easier for them to launch scale-up projects adjusted to their individual needs. All of that thanks to DataStax’s top-quality software solutions and customer service.

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