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Case study | 22 Sep 2022
DataStax technology & Neontri. Beneficial IT cooperation
Przemysław Pala


Let’s start this case study with a short background story that will outline the whole project. The need to create a DataStax solution was based on the fact that many banks at the time had monolithic machines that could not keep up with the tempo of gathering the data. The main risk of such a scenario was that if one thing broke, everything else could follow, which would result in serious data dilemmas. Datastax provides the support that we needed. It is an open-sourced solution with Cassandra as the core component (a white-label solution with the same main principles as Datastax). You can write a lot of data to it, solving the problem of data gathering and processing. 


The solution that Datastax delivered was used in many ways by our team. Cassandra was especially helpful with offloading big data and processing it afterward for our big banking clients. Furthermore, we also needed additional features for the search systems from Datastax Enterprise.

If you first wonder why Cassandra, here you have our reasons:

  • Structured data
  • Linear scalability
  • Multiple copies of data
  • No single point of failure
  • Online random access read


Another solution required another reasons for using Datastax Enterprise package, which are:

  • Support
  • Future proof
  • Security and audibility
  • A file system  with no SPoF
  • Performance over Apache Cassandra
  • Banking industry = enterprise-grade solutions
  • Reliability and enterprise-grade management functions
  • All required technologies are tightly integrated (Cassandra, Solr, Spark)



We use a ready-made package + support to get resources for selling licenses to the bank. It packages several technologies as part of the comprehensive solution. Datastax provides support that is not always available. It also optimizes costs and increases security which may be a game-changer for some clients. What’s more, it is a cluster. That means it runs on many different devices. We can distinguish a couple of significant advantages that are worth mentioning. The first of them is extensibility. It enables scale-up projects due to the bank's individual needs. The clients very much welcome such scalability. Another aspect is a multitool solution that helps solve many different problems at once. There’s no way not to mention the support from DataStax. Such service is sometimes really needed and appreciated, so we truly benefited from it. The result came at a time we expected and in the shape, we desired to achieve. 



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