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Braintri payments scheme receives Polish Innovation Award 2018

Maciej Stępień

CEO and co-founder
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Payments scheme BLIK:

Braintri, a leading Polish fintech, was awarded the Polish Innovation Award 2018. Braintri has been involved in the development of mobile applications for the largest Polish banks. It has also helped establish Poland’s first non-card payment scheme BLIK and is implementing the Polish API standard.

Braintri received the award for Jiffee, a technology that was co-financed by the EU. It has limitless applications and a huge future potential in authorization, IoT, smart city, and loyalty programs. Jiffee addresses important needs of the financial and retail industries.

Braintri’s other flagship product, Biffee, is an advanced big data platform for offloading core banking systems worldwide. It significantly improves PSD2 implementation processes and decidedly reduces banks’ costs in the open banking environment.

The third pillar of Braintri’s activities is products and services for the banking sector, including mobile applications. Braintri has been part of the team developing PKO Bank Polski’s IKO mobile banking application, which was announced world’s best mobile application in a prestigious banking industry ranking earlier this year. The Braintri team has also developed the national mobile payment scheme BLIK and is currently implementing the Polish API standard for KIR, among other globally innovative solutions.

“The Polish Innovation Award goes to the most innovative companies and institutions whose work contributes to the development of the Polish economy. We are proud that thanks to the projects we have implemented so far and to the proprietary technologies we have developed Braintri has become part of this elite group,” said Wojciech Zatorski, Braintri’s COO. Polish financial technologies have significant potential globally. Mobile and banking solutions developed by Polish teams are valued by industry experts from around the world,” he added.

About Braintri

Active since 2013, Braintri specializes in mobile applications, big data and payments. The company has gained recognition from both the Polish and the global financial industry. Best of Show at Finovate New York 2017 and World’s Best Mobile Banking Application 2018 are among the prestigious awards Braintri and Braintri-developed products have received so far. The company is based in Warsaw and employs 80 engineers.

About the Polish Innovation Award

The Polish Innovation Award, a category of the Polish Economic Award, is an economic program run by the Polish Agency of Entrepreneurship, supported by major Polish financial dailies. The prize is awarded to innovative companies and institutions, whose research and development work adds value in several economic sectors.

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