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Braintri featured mobile payments in Efma’s Fintech series

Maciej Stępień

CEO and co-founder

Andrzej Puczyk

Head of Delivery
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If you want to learn more about the very beginnings of Braintri, business plans regarding Jiffee and the whole company, we’ve got a perfect opportunity for you. Efma, an organization bringing together thousands of international companies from the financial industry, has just covered these topics in their Fintech Friday series.

The article based on the interview conducted by Efma representative with our CEO Maciej Stępień, can be found under this link. If you want to learn more, please read the full Maciej’s answers below.


Efma: How came the idea of Braintri?

Maciej Stępień: Braintri is a brainchild of two people: me and my long-time business partner, Wojciech Zatorski. It is our second time building together a successful venture. The first one was the creation of payment processing company Trevica, bought by Mastercard in 2012 and rebranded to Mastercard Payment Transaction Services.

We came up with the idea of founding Braintri in 2013, when we were working with the leading Polish banks on creating the national mobile payments standard BLIK. We thought: “Hey, we are experts in the hottest topics in banking: mobile apps, payments, and big data. Why not launch a company that delivers world-class services in these areas?” Over the following 6 years, we have built a fintech capable of delivering top-notch enterprise-class solutions for the biggest players in the financial industry. And if you think I am just bragging, take a look at the awards earned for our clients by the solutions developed by us. “Best of Show” on Finovate. World’s No 1 Mobile Banking App. SAP Global Innovation Award. Citi Mobile Challenge Award. And last but not least – Efma’s Distribution & Marketing Innovation Award for “From IKO to BLIK Project”.


Could you present me Jiffee / mobile payments solution?

Jiffee is a white-label mobile payments platform based on Bluetooth and tokenization. Its key advantage from customer’s point of view is its technological neutrality. Jiffee works on all mobile devices without regards to the model or operating system. From the merchant’s point of view, it is a cost-efficient way to start accepting mobile payments on any device in possession. Old POS terminal, cash register, mobile phone, vending machine, self-checkout kiosk… you name it.

We believe that Jiffee is a perfect technological solution for any company or organization interested in building a national mobile payments standard as successful as BLIK. This solution, which had its commercial launch in 2014, currently has more than 7 million users (about 70% of all mobile banking apps in Poland). With the average quarterly 52% growth in the number of transactions and new strategic alliance with Mastercard, BLIK can be described as one of the emerging stars of the European payment industry.


What’s coming next for Braintri?

The previous year was the most successful year in Braintri’s history so far, and I believe that 2019 will be even more impressive. Our merger with iCompass announced in November and the acquisition of new big clients (e.g. mBank and Benefia from Vienna Insurance Group) make us the strongest fintech player in Poland. We are by far the leading provider of payment, mobile and big data solutions on our home market. Thus, the natural step for the nearest future is strengthening our position abroad.

As far as the international expansion is concerned, our main priority is gaining a foothold in the markets with less developed financial infrastructure. The Far and Middle Eastern countries look particularly interesting in this context. Nevertheless, we also see the potential for business expansion in some EU countries and in the Americas. So, if you are a big bank looking for a reliable and trustworthy fintech partner capable of deploying advanced enterprise-grade commercial projects – Braintri is here for you.

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