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Braintri co-developed IKO mobile app voted world’s best twice

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For the second year in a row, IKO, the mobile app of the CEE financial industry giant PKO Bank Polski, took top spot in a global industry ranking of mobile apps of 100 worldwide banks. The ranking was published by the British Retail Banker International magazine.

Overall, IKO outperformed the mobile solutions of several renowned banking brands, including JP Morgan Chase, Barclays, and Bank of America. IKO is co-developed by Braintri, a European leader in fintech innovations.

The RBI ranking is based on user ratings from the Apple app store and Google Play. This year, IKO aggregated score reached 4.8 points out of 5.0. User reviews on the two app stores underline IKO’s top-notch UX and UI, which make managing money and conducting transactions seamless and user-friendly. Currently, there are over 3.2 million active IKO apps.

Based on its innovative mobile technology and know-how, the Warsaw-based fintech has been constantly strengthening its market position as a leading provider of mobile banking and payments solutions. Braintri has developed a mobile framework that enables the rapid deployment of fast, functional, and secure banking apps. 

”With most apps offering similar features, it comes down to functionality and overall quality to grab consumers’ attention. Banks, payment companies, startups, all of them need mobile apps that can provide their customers with better user experience while maintaining superb security. We are ready to support their digital ambitions with solutions based on our Mobile Banking Framework (MBF). Every mobile application that we currently deliver has MBF at its core,” says Wojciech Zatorski, Braintri’s COO and Co-Founder.

The first version of IKO was the predecessor of BLIK, the Polish national mobile payments scheme, co-created by Braintri as well. Like IKO, BLIK is now enjoying record results.

About Braintri

Braintri specializes in products and services for the banking sector and is involved in the development of mobile apps for the largest Polish banks. The company helped establish the national mobile payment standard BLIK. Braintri also develops and offers its own solutions – Jiffee in mobile payments and authorization, and Biffee, a core banking system offload engine. Both the company and its world-class solutions have received a number of prestigious awards including Best of Show at Finovate twice, SAP Global Innovation Award, Citi Mobile Challenge, and Polish Innovation Award.

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