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Body leasing as the wave of change

Przemysław Pala

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Taking a closer look into the body leasing

It’s not a mystery that achieving big objectives requires building a professional and effective team, especially in the IT sector. Nowadays developed companies keep implementing brand new technologies to keep up with the rapid changes happening in many businesses in the blink of an eye. That’s why it is crucial to have access to experts from IT. 
Nonetheless, not every company can afford to have the full technological stack or experienced IT teams. Have you already found that it might be your challenge too? Body leasing is the answer. What is it actually? Body Leasing in IT outsourcing usually refers to practice when a company externally hires talents to fulfill some crucial functions. The main benefit of it here is that a company can save on expenses without losing the high quality of work. 

Whatever you plan to do in the future: Hiring the whole IT team or just the IT staff augmentation really makes a huge difference for your budget and timeline. We listed some main aspects of such outsourcing services that might give you a bigger picture.


Why is body leasing a good idea?

Here you will learn more about the pros of body leasing. What does it enable companies to do or achieve?


Reduction of employee acquisition costs

Training and maintaining an internal IT department is very costly. Hiring temporary IT staff often ends in disappointment, given the level of commitment such an employee brings and the disproportionate quality to the total cost of employment. Hiring an IT support services company, on the other hand, brings highly skilled employees at a fraction of the cost of hiring.


Saving time dedicated to searching for the right employees

Searching for the right IT developers can be frustrating and above all, time-consuming. How many man-hours do you spend on searching for the right professionals, recruiting, negotiating rates? It is worth investing this time in increasing the company’s efficiency and new business concepts using body leasing services.


Elimination of the risks associated with employment services

Risk is built into every business. The ever-evolving palette of government regulations, competitive actions, economic conditions, and the diversity of technology ensures that the risks of growing a team on your own are constantly increasing. However, body leasing is available for you as a solution to help you reduce them. 


An uninterrupted flow of all processes

As technology becomes more complex, managing hardware and software becomes more challenging. In a saturated industry, companies must have innovative hardware and software solutions. This is another aspect with a lot of risks and, of course, additional costs so IT staff augmentation or body leasing is something worth considering.


Increase of your competitiveness

Companies that try to implement and maintain all development work themselves often have to spend much more time on research and the above-mentioned development and implementation. This generates increased costs and takes up valuable time. These increased costs are likely passed on to customers, which means the company becomes less competitive in terms of product pricing.

These 5 points show how viable it could be for companies to take advantage of body leasing solutions in their businesses and save a lot of funds, time, and nerves. 



Keep up with the rapid changes

Outsourcing in the IT world will undoubtedly continue to expand at an unprecedented pace. Noting the strong growth of both the breadth and depth of IT outsourcing puts forward that this management practice is not a temporary solution, but rather a promising direction. Under the right circumstances, it may truly provide some prominent advantages. There is nothing left for us to write but to state that: For companies that want to be in the lead, it’s no longer a question of SHOULD? But rather of HOW MUCH we outsource? 

If you want to get to know more read our other articles and check how we can help your company with our range of products and services.


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