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Biffee by Braintri on DataStax Accelerate

Maciej Stępień

CEO and co-founder
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DataStax Accelerate

Yesterday, our CEO Maciej Stępień was conducting a presentation on DataStax Accelerate in Washington, US. It is one of the world’s leading Apache Cassandra conferences.

Maciej was presenting a case study of the implementation of our big data solution in one of the banks.

The solution, Biffee, is a core banking system offload engine that solves the problem of pressure put on the banks’ old legacy systems by the rising online traffic. If you didn’t know, many of the bank customers nowadays log into their mobile banking apps even more than 6-7 times a day!

On DataStax Accelerate, Maciej discussed Biffee’s design, our innovative approach to automatic code generation, and lessons learned from its implementation in one of the leading Polish banks.

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