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BEHEX – Big data innovation for banking market leader

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In 2017, one of the biggest banks in Poland reached out to Neontri. They had an innovative project on their mind, and we were excited to make it happen. To put it simply, it was supposed to be a Big Data platform for analyzing customer behavior.
With the platform’s help, the bank would be able to better adapt to customers’ needs and demands. Implementing such a solution would also protect the bank from having to share their clients’ data with a third-party company.


The entire project was an incredibly complex endeavor. The tool we were tasked with developing had to be able to record the actions of millions of users at the same time. Then, all of this data had to be analyzed and presented in a more digestible format, such as a pie chart or a table.


The Big Data platform we developed was named BEHEX. It allowed the bank to collect data on customer activities from a wide range of their internal systems. To achieve this, BEHEX linked individual customer numbers with their actions. It could then track their general UX flow across different bank applications.

Additionally, BEHEX was able to generate detailed cross-sectional reports. The said reports provided the bank with valuable insights, such as which operating system their clients were using and what their habits were. Other than that, the bank gained access to data regarding their mobile applications, including which buttons and screens generated most conversions.

When it comes to BEHEX itself, it consists of three key components. First, there is a Presto database that allows for the creation, analysis, and storage of valuable data. Then, there are various interfaces that enable BEHEX to track clients across the bank’s internal systems. Last but not least, we have a wide range of tools for generating detailed reports. For instance, we used SAP Lumira to illustrate each report with various charts and graphs.


Most importantly, our client gained the ability to analyze their customers’ behavior. With BEHEX, they could track which elements of their applications people interacted with, and which buttons, screens, and forms resulted in increased engagement and conversion rates. Such data is incredibly useful when it comes to optimizing marketing campaigns, improving user experience, and maximizing profitability.

behex stats

In 2020 there were over 1 billion app logins for the whole year. That adds up to 3 million 150 thousand logins per day. That consequently adds up to 315 million Behex events per day.
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