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Case study | 30 Jun 2022
BEHEX – Big data innovation for banking market leader
Przemysław Pala
Our client was a leading bank in the Polish market with a vast experience in the banking industry and millions of mobile users annually. When we first heard about the BEHEX project, we were thrilled to participate in such an innovative venture.


The solution seemed very complex, and we liked the foreseen results it was supposed to deliver for the Bank. 

Simply speaking, they wanted a platform for analyzing customer behavior (Behavioral Customer Experience). They wanted to implement the targeted marketing actions to better adapt to customers' needs and demands. The reason for such a solution was apparent. The Bank did not intend to pass customer data to any external company. 


The project started in 2017 but has significantly impacted the performance of our client's mobile app and its marketing actions to this day. Let's now go through the main challenges we encountered and defined through the process. 



The vision of the Bank's representatives was to stimulate client's satisfaction and build solid relations thanks to the digital channels. The best way to do it was to propel customers' activity by implementing new features and solutions to the mobile app.

BEHEX is a tool that enables us to see the mobile channel through customers' eyes and receive valuable pieces of information.

It shows their needs, habits, ways of using the app, and general behaviors. The biggest challenge was the number of users that our client has. Our big data project had to cover millions of analyses in a short time. 




Behex allowed the Bank to make collections of customer operations across different systems. Each interaction was registered and processed. To achieve this, the system linked customer IDs from different systems and oversaw the general UX flow.

With this linkage, we could create various cross-sectional reports. For example: whether customers use Android or iOS, which screens do they most frequently access, which ATMs are located near the most prosperous clients etc. 

Our system combined data from many sources and allowed us to perform analyses. The most valuable data came from mobile applications, where we collected bumps on particular buttons and screens (the so-called "clickstream"). 




First and foremost, we were able to track the behavior of the Bank's customers based on their movement through the app's application (buttons, screens, forms).

That's what we call marketing optimization through the automatic process flow. Thanks to such a solution, we were able to track business paths across different banking channels.

Another aspect was combining behavioral data with data from other banking applications and searching for some patterns. All this data was used to optimize the application and can be used to adapt or create banking products for specific customer groups.

The system included:

  • a database allowing for the creation, presentation, and storage of analyses
  • interfaces integrating Bank's systems
  • tools for visualization and automation of results

As part of the project, we have completed:

  1. Implementation of an engine combining multiple data sources (Presto database).
  2. Development of analytical reports with the Bank on the data in Hadoop and Sqlserver. Reports showed the use of mobile banking app (statistics, a/b, with different filters, sales...)
  3. Report imaging (sankey, pie, tab, bar, and other charts) in SAP Lumira.

behex stats

In 2020 there were over 1 billion app logins for the whole year. That adds up to 3 million 150 thousand logins per day. That consequently adds up to 315 million Behex events per day.
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