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Apache Cassandra, known for its scalability, stands out as the most popular wide column database. It’s no surprise that it’s the preferred choice for organizations handling significant amounts of unstructured data. Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Twitter, and Reddit – these are just a few of the industry giants that use this database. Unsure if Cassandra is the right choice for your business? Neontri’s experts are here to guide you. We not only assist in making the right decisions but also ensure a smooth deployment and optimal performance with continuous support.

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We work for industry leaders and challengers. Our aim is to build long-lasting client relationships and become their vendor of choice. 100% client retention rate in 2022 validates our success.

Our Apache Cassandra Expertise

Expert advice and guidance

Through an in-depth analysis of your database environment, we can help you determine whether Cassandra is the ideal NoSQL database for your unique requirements.

Seamless migration strategy

Navigating the transition to Apache Cassandra doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Our experts can guide you through meticulous planning, ensuring an effortless migration. From evaluating your current database to strategizing data transfer, our goal is to make your move swift, secure, and stress-free.

Tailored architecture development

Recognizing that one size doesn’t fit all, our team of professionals can help you build an architecture that’s tailored to your specific needs. We will work closely with you to develop a robust and scalable Cassandra architecture that aligns with your business objectives. No compromise, just personalized excellence.

Ongoing support and troubleshooting

Overcome performance challenges head-on with our specialized Apache Cassandra support. Our experts will dive deep to find the root cause of your performance issues and permanently resolve them, be it clusters, read latencies, or node recovery times. We’re committed to making sure your system runs smoothly and optimally.

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Over the years, we came across such problems with Apache Cassandra


Complex setup and maintenance

Apache Cassandra stands as a reliable yet demanding solution for companies looking for scalable and resilient data management. Given its complexity, it presents a significant challenge in both setup and maintenance. Therefore, to achieve peak performance, careful planning and configuration are essential.


Steep learning curve for development teams

Cassandra benefits from a robust community, but its knowledge isn’t intuitively organized. Implementing and configuring Apache Cassandra presents a steep learning curve for developers as all the data must be modeled properly before using it. All of this can lead to a potential slowdown in development processes and increase the likelihood of errors or inefficiencies.


Consistency dilemma

Balancing data consistency and eventual consistency, as per the CAP theorem, can be complex. This challenge arises because ensuring both consistency and availability in a distributed system, especially during network partitions, can be demanding.

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Neontri stood out with their commitment, technical competence, and understanding of KIR’s business needs.

Robert Trętowski
Vice President

A solution co-developed with Neontri has reduced the number of queries directed to the central system, resulting in lower infrastructure costs and customer service time.

Piotr Durakiewicz
Team Leader – Department of Electronic Banking Applications

The IT specialists they provided possessed the necessary experience and required competencies. We recommend Neontri as a trustworthy and reliable business partner.

Wojciech Moraczewski
Senior Manager
Marcin Dobosz
Director of Technology

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