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A safe payment method by Neontri – Meet Jiffee

Przemysław Pala

Sales specialist


In our technological life, it is really hard to find 100% effective and safe payment methods. What’s more, to feel truly secure with your everyday payments. Being protected on the internet is a must, so Jiffee is something you should get to know. One of the main advantages of this solution is the possibility not to give your card or personal details to anyone from the internet. Interested? Let’s go further.

Let’s say that you would like to buy a new iPhone, but you noticed a 20% better deal on a particular website, which is working great and looks like a real iPhone dealer. So you pick the right color and would like to make a purchase. Now you only need to provide your card details and then simply wait for the new iPhone to come. 

What if I told you that it was a scam website that effortlessly steals your card details and puts you in danger? Furthermore, such websites might even send you the confirmation email and you will still be able to use your card for around 7-14 days. And the story ends afterward. You lose your personal data and some relatively big money. It, unfortunately, happens often that you can’t track and chase the virtual thieves. Not a good story to tell, right?

Fortunately, many companies keep finding ways to fight such scenarios and deliver the solutions which might be problem-solving straight away. For instance Us. We are a technologic company from the capital city of Poland – Warsaw – called Neontri. Our answer to the above-mentioned is Jiffee, which is already tested and implemented on the polish market. Sounds reasonable and worth finding more about it? Jump on!

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How can Jiffee help you to be safe on the internet?

Jiffee is a product that is built on your banking account. It is based on a 6-digit verification payment process. When you buy something, you just type your verification code, which your bank verifies automatically. Look at the illustration on how it works after clicking the icon of Jiffee:

Now you just need to simply verify on your app that it is actually you and accept the payment to proceed. That’s it. Simply speaking you didn’t entrust any kind of card or personal details because their account is cryptonized and secured. The website owner cannot get any kind of your banking details and just gets his fee money from the Jiffee platform.



Other ways to use Jiffee

Jiffee, first and foremost, is a white label strong customer authentication technology with multiple use cases. The best part, which we take pride in, is this very unique type of payment and verification without using your identity. What do you think about payment verification with a 6-digital code or even using Bluetooth technology? Jiffee can do it too. Let us give you another example of how Jiffee works in practice.



Our payment solution supports the most popular operating systems: IOS and Android. The most prideful part of our solution is the stage where it is not an idea, but a ready system that is tested for large-scale deployments. It even can be integrated with RTGS.


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Use Cases

Jiffee use cases


When we tried to count all the payments use cases that we could use together with Jiffee, our company understood that there is basically no place where you actually can not use it. First of all, it covers each part of the daily use cases with payments such as POS terminals for example. The second part is eCommerce and at the end of the day, you can even buy tickets to enter stadiums or airports. Such a simple solution can protect your money and make your life much easier with such a wide range of possible use.

P2P Transfers

Jiffee P2P

You probably know the problem when you go out with your friends and you want to split the bill from the restaurant. You can always ask the waiter to split the bill, but what if it’s impossible? Then you need to give your bank or personal details. In any way, it will take too many extra steps to make such a transfer. There is a solution though. P2P transfer can solve it in a simple 3 step method.

  • Jiffee users can send and receive P2P transfers based on their phone number or proximity (tap to transfer)
  • Transfers are executed instantly and can be cleared in a local settlement house in either net settlement or real-time gross settlement system.
  • P2P transfers can be used in a variety of real-life consumer scenarios like sharing restaurant bills or sending gifts.
  • Can be integrated with any RTGS



A real example of use case


This platform was integrated with the Polish National Clearing House as an example. As you can understand, the system that can be implemented here should be very secure, but also not too complex for a regular user. Result? Three years without any problems from mSzafir’s side because if something is created in a simple but professional way – it cannot work bad, right?


The future of safe payment systems belongs to Jiffee

Jiffee screens

As you can see above, Jiffee is the future of safe and secure payment solutions used in many businesses from the banking industry to financial institutions. As the CEO of Neontri says Himself: 

“Jiffee is our pride and we are happy that we could add our personal brick to the safe payment system’s world. This is the future of simpler and faster money transactions with less fraud threat in such an environment.”

Maciej Stępień, CEO at Neontri



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