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5 reasons why you could call Neontri your best working place

Przemysław Pala

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From time to time we encounter a moment in our various careers that we have to choose a new working place. Neontri is no exception. Sometimes it’s an unexpected plot twist. Another time it’s our thoughtful choice and a personal need.


Some of you could have experienced internal redundancies followed by the covid-19 pandemic outbreak. In each case, there’s the same question echoing in our heads: “Where to now”? Depending on the area, the number of options varies. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to know the employers around you and what it could change in your life for the better because of working for them.

Since Neontri is a technological company from Warsaw, we would like to present you with some benefits of working with us in this sphere. Our main fields are: Custom Developments, Big Data Solutions, Mobile Apps, Payments, Digital Banking, and IT Outsourcing. If your personal experience and knowledge are anyhow connected, it’s the first good sign to reach out to us. 


We are growing fast as a company, and since there are more available positions, we listed 5 reasons you could consider while searching for a new job. After all, it’s the things we didn’t do that we will once regret the most, right?


Let’s now move to the title reasons that might catch your attention.

Team building and creating bonds among team members

As a company, we try to build solid teams that can coexist among others in symbiosis and cooperational mode. What is very important is the lack of strict division between positions and areas. Even though we have levels inside Neontri, they do not impose any barriers between employees and do not disable people from reaching out to anyone from any team. Another relevant aspect is the vibe inside particular teams. Our team leaders have a task to stimulate the general atmosphere and make people feel comfortable and listened to. We could sum it up with our Teamwork principle: cooperation between mature people based on loyalty, respect, and trust.

Openness and maturity in decision-making processes

What distinguishes Neontri as a brand is the freedom of speech and giving personal opinions on any matter. We try to give people the opportunity to express themselves and don’t hesitate to speak up whenever they feel like doing so. One of our core principles is also Integrity, and that’s why we want our employees to be able to propose ideas, changes, or solutions that might move us forward internally or externally. 



Optimism and cultural vibe within the company

There’s a special place for positivity in our company. Everything seems less stressful or complicated when you face it with a smile on your face and a bit of humor. That’s why we stake on Optimism as another value. It enables us to deal with challenges and dilemmas. What also helps encourage people to stay positive is our cultural vibe. We organize cyclical thematic meetings after work to integrate the team and spend some time together privately. Who wouldn’t enjoy coming to a Spanish cuisine night in the office with a lot of delicious food and good talks?



Personal approach and appropriate care of employees

Both our team leaders and the HR department are in charge of addressing all cases. The personal approach is a highly required element of building trust and mutual understanding. That’s why we try to emphasize it so everyone will feel the care of the company. Our next value is Perseverance, and that’s why we consistently pursue our goals, facing difficulties head-on.


Effectiveness of our business projects and cases

Each time we decide to undertake any project, we strive to complete it in the best way possible. Our value here is effectiveness. Our case studies speak for themselves, and we genuinely take pride in them. No matter the difficulties on the way, we cooperate as a team to reach the established results.



A future working place might be just here

One way to attract valuable people is to write an article like this one. To list the reasons for sending us your CV. And that’s something we wholeheartedly would love to achieve thanks to this text. 

If it’s not enough, maybe employees’ testimonials and private opinions could somehow change your mind. Read what our HR Manager has to say about Neontri.

“There are dozens of things I like about my job. Here are three things I love most:

  • Our Team – Neontri is a friendly place where teamwork is one of our core values. I started working here in 2017, and I can honestly say I have some of my best friends in this company. My colleagues are fantastic, talented, funny, and helpful, so we can count on each other and feel that everybody is listened to. What’s more, we are a team of professionals who carry out work the best we can.
  • Openness and maturity – We are not afraid to express our opinions. Being open enables us to have a real impact on the world around us. I feel that I am working with professionals with whom I can learn and exchange great ideas.
  • Optimism – We laugh every day! There is always something that puts a smile on our faces and I really enjoy such an atmosphere.”

Dorota Wetoszka, HR Manager at Neontri



Another vision comes from our Account Director:

“Every place you work at is different. I’ve been working at Neontri since 2018 and I’ve seen how we evolve both toward our clients and inside, for our employees. With Noentri you will find a very personal approach in every concept, no matter whether it is about some technical issue or a personal one. I’ve already recommended working at Neontri to many of my friends and ex-colleagues and I’m extremely happy to see how well they are able to find themselves in a new environment. What I would like to see in the near future is to increase the flow of knowledge in the organization to an even further degree.”

Marcin Dobosz, Account Director at Neontri

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