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The Alnova Archive – 3000 Transactions Per Second Offloading System for Banking

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In the fast-paced world of banking, financial institutions are constantly challenged to meet the growing demands of their customers, all the while maintaining efficient and reliable system performance. PKO Bank Polski, one of Poland’s leading banks, found itself facing a significant hurdle as its core systems struggled to keep up with increased user demand. Recognizing the need for a solution that could enhance performance and streamline data retrieval processes, PKO Bank Polski turned to Neontri.


PKO Bank Polski faced significant challenges in meeting user demand due to limitations in their core systems. The existing infrastructure was unable to cope with the growing requirements, resulting in performance issues and delays in retrieving key data related to the bank’s clients. The bank required a solution that could offload the burden from the core systems and ensure efficient and seamless data retrieval processes. What is more, it needed to be able to integrate legacy data with the bank’s mainframe system.


Recognizing the need for an offloading solution, PKO Bank Polski approached us for assistance. We embarked on developing a robust system known as the Alnova Archive, which would address the bank’s challenges effectively. Leveraging DataStax Enterprise and utilizing the power of the C++ programming language, we created an innovative solution that seamlessly retrieves key data related to the bank’s clients swiftly and efficiently, alleviating the strain on the core systems. The system’s architecture was designed to handle high transaction volumes, boasting an impressive processing speed of up to 3,000 transactions per second.


Since its implementation over six years ago, the Alnova Archive has proven to be a crucial asset for PKO Bank Polski. The solution enabled the bank to offload the burden from their core systems, resulting in improved performance and enhanced operational efficiency. Its uninterrupted functionality throughout its entire operational lifespan stands as a testament to its unwavering reliability.

By leveraging the Alnova Archive, PKO Bank Polski successfully met the increased user demand and provided a top-quality banking experience to its customers. The solution’s longevity and reliability have solidified its position as a fundamental component of the bank’s internal IT infrastructure. As a result, PKO Bank Polski continues to benefit from optimized data retrieval processes and improved overall system performance.

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